Monday, March 18, 2013

U.S. soldier accused of Afghan killings faces "sanity" review

By Laura L. Myers

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Doctors opened a medical review Sunday on a U.S. soldier charged with killing 16 civilians, most of them women and children, near his Army post in Afghanistan in an effort to determine his state of mind at the time of the killings and ability to stand trial.

The review, known in the military as a "sanity board," will be conducted by three doctors at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, and will be completed by May 1, according to a U.S. Army spokesman.

The hearing started on Sunday morning and is expected to continue for several days, base spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Gary Dangerfield said.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Robert Bales, a decorated veteran of four combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan accused of gunning down the villagers in cold blood during two rampages through their family compounds in Kandahar province last March.

Army prosecutors say Bales, a 39-year old father of two, acted alone and with "chilling premeditation" when, armed with a pistol, a rifle and a grenade launcher, he left his base twice in the night, returning in the middle of his rampage to tell a fellow soldier: "I just shot up some people."

The shootings marked the worst case of civilian slaughter blamed on a rogue U.S. soldier since the Vietnam War and further eroded strained U.S.-Afghan relations after more than a decade of conflict in that country.

Defense lawyers have not set out an alternative theory of what happened on the night of the shootings, but have focused on Bales' fragile mental state.

Bales' lead civilian attorney John Henry Browne said in January that government documents showed Bales had been diagnosed as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a brain injury before his deployment in Afghanistan in 2011.

After hearing preliminary evidence in November, military judge Colonel Jeffery Nance determined that Bales should face a court martial, which is due to begin in September.

At Bales' arraignment in January, Browne's team entered no plea and told Nance they were preparing a possible "mental health defense." Nance said such a defense would require a formal psychiatric evaluation, and ordered a sanity board review.


Sanity boards are common in military justice, Dangerfield said.

They may be ordered when a commander, investigating officer, government trial counsel, defense counsel, or military judge believes there is reason to question the mental responsibility of the accused at the time of the offenses or that the person lacks the mental capacity to stand trial, Dangerfield said.

The Army has not said which doctors were conducting the review, or what their specialties are, but such panels are usually made up of Army physicians and psychologists. There was no word on whether the judge had granted a defense request that Bales be examined by a neuropsychologist with expertise in traumatic brain injuries.

At a November pre-trial hearing, prosecutors said Bales had been drinking earlier in the evening of the attacks, and had used steroids on the Special Forces outpost. Defense attorneys also quizzed Bales' colleagues closely about his sudden explosions of temper in the days before the attacks.

Bales faces 16 counts of premeditated murder and six counts of attempted murder, as well as charges of assault and wrongfully possessing and using steroids and alcohol while deployed.

Military justice experts say a defense based on Bales' PTSD or deeper mental health problems may not be enough to avoid trial but could raise serious issues over premeditation, which would make a death sentence less likely.

"Just because someone has a (mental) disease does not mean they're legally insane," said Victor Hansen, a professor at the New England Law Boston school with two decades of military law experience.

"The board could uncover unknown components that could help the defendant claim diminished capacity," Hansen said. "To obtain death, you have to prove premeditation. Anything less than premeditation of murder, there's no death."

Defendants deemed unable to stand trial after a sanity board are typically referred for treatment at a government medical center.

(Writing by Bill Rigby; Editing by Cynthia Johnston, Lisa Shumaker and Philip Barbara)


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Flightradar24 updated for Windows Phone 8, gets Cockpit view before iOS

Flightradar24 is an app which lets you track inbound and outbound flights, but with a twist.? Instead of just telling you status and arrival/departure times, the app lets you look up into the sky and see which planes are flying overhead and were they are heading.

The app turns your Windows Phone into an air traffic radar and lets you see airplane traffic around the world in real-time.

The app features:

  • Planes moving in real-time
  • Comprehensive information for each individual plane, including route, speed, altitude and more
  • Search for a specific flight
  • Filter by airline, altitude, speed and more
  • Cockpit View ? Jump on board
  • Augmented Reality View ? identify the planes flying overhead by simply pointing your phone?s camera to the sky

The last two features are particularly interesting.? Using the Augmented Reality feature one can easily identify planes flying overhead just by pointing your phone at them, but the cockpit view, in the screen shot above, allows one to jump into the airplane and see what the pilot is seeing, based on data from the flight and 3D rendered maps. This feature has arrived on Windows Phone before any other platform. Users are also able to purchase via in-app purchases models which turn planes from generic planes to the actual make and model.

The app is obviously a must-have for plane spotters, costs $2.99 without a free trial, and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WPC.


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Let Your Hype Write A Check That Your Product Can't Cash

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 10.54.20 AMEverywhere you went around Austin this past week, there were people queuing up for things, Grumpy Cat, the GroupMe Grill, the Twitter party, Salt Lick BBQ. One startup f?te was so packed?even a founder couldn't get in immediately. "If only all these people were daily active users," one person at the same party quipped, on the app's lack of popularity relative to the line outside.


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New Basic School for Waterhouse Community

Approximately 95 children in the Waterhouse community are benefiting from a new school building, which was handed over to the Maranatha Christian Church by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), on March 15.

The Maranatha Ministries Basic School was constructed at a cost of $44.5 million, with financial support from the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), a project of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Built to meet the requirements of the Early Childhood Commission, the school comprises five standard size classrooms, bathroom facilities for teachers and students, kitchen, administrative area, staff room and sick bay. Other amenities include a drinking fountain, play area, water storage tanks and perimeter fencing.

Special Adviser to the Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Kenyama Brown, who addressed the handing over ceremony on behalf of Portfolio Minister, Hon. Anthony Hylton, in whose constituency the school is located, said the government is committed to investing in education.

?As adults, one of our main responsibilities is to give our children the right educational start in a safe and beautiful environment, which promotes learning,? he said.

He argued that ?access to education for all children is vital, not only to their own growth and development, but also for the development of the country and the larger global society.

General Manager, Infrastructure and Civil Works, at JSIF, Andrew Neita, said Waterhouse is one of the communities targeted by JSIF for improved infrastructural and social services.

He informed that the new school building has solved the overcrowding and shared space issues that have plagued the school for many years.

He? commended the Maranatha Christian Church for establishing the basic school and providing support for its development. Mr. Neita encouraged the teachers, students and community members to take good care of the facilities.

Principal of the school, Marsha McIntosh, said the school ?is big on quality? and will continue to provide students with the highest standard of education. She noted that all six teachers at the school are trained and have attained Level II certification in early childhood education development and care.

She informed that four teachers are now completing their diploma in education and one has post-graduate qualifications.

The school has also received the best results in the readiness test in the cluster of basic schools in the area.


BY Athaliah Reynolds-Baker, JIS Reporter





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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bachelet: Chile left's hope in presidential vote

FILE - In this Oct. 6, 2008 file photo, Chile's President Michelle Bachelet gestures during the announcement of a new cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although she has been pressured on all sides to announce her candidacy for Chile's 2013 presidential election, Bachelet's silence on the issue has frustrated both opponents and sympathizers. Now, she says she's ready. In March 2013 she is expected to announce her decision on whether she will run. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, File)

FILE - In this Oct. 6, 2008 file photo, Chile's President Michelle Bachelet gestures during the announcement of a new cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Although she has been pressured on all sides to announce her candidacy for Chile's 2013 presidential election, Bachelet's silence on the issue has frustrated both opponents and sympathizers. Now, she says she's ready. In March 2013 she is expected to announce her decision on whether she will run. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko, File)

(AP) ? Michelle Bachelet has a deep resume: daughter of a general tortured to death for opposing a coup, leftist exile during the ensuing bloody dictatorship, pediatrician, Cabinet member, mother, president, head of the U.N. women's agency.

Now she's coming back home after her stint at the United Nations, and if Chile's left has its way, she will add another item to that list: savior.

Bachelet, 62, who announced her return Friday night, is widely seen as the center-left opposition's only hope of winning the Nov. 17 presidential election and taking power back from the conservative establishment ushered in when Sebastian Pinera won the presidency ins 2010 after she left office.

The popularity of this Andean country's only woman president is high. A recent poll by CEP Estudios Publicos consultancy said 54 percent of voters favor her.

In announcing the end of her work at the U.N., Bachelet said only that she was going back to Chile and gave no specifics on timing.

She also did not mention the presidential race despite intense pressure in Chile for her to make her plans known ? although there is a widespread expectation that she will run.

Her silence has frustrated not only her opponents but especially her sympathizers.

"We don't have a plan B. I'm serious. In the opposition we're just not prepared for a negative response from Bachelet," said Jaime Quintana, president of the Liberal Party for Democracy, one of the parties in the center-left coalition.

Whoever runs will have to be ready to tackle mounting social demands and frequent protests that already troubled Bachelet during her presidency and have harried Pinera even more. Pinera is the most unpopular president since Chile returned to democracy in 1990 after the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Chile is respected for its fast-growing economy and transparent institutions. The country has continued to grow under Pinera and enjoys a record-low jobless rate, but it also has the worst inequality rate among the 34 countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Millions of Chileans have participated in protests demanding a wider distribution of Chile's copper riches, free education and the return of ancestral lands to Mapuche Indians in a southern region where members of Chile's largest indigenous group often clash with timber companies and landowners.

Most Chileans also oppose plans to tame two of the world's wildest rivers and build more than 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) of power lines between them and the grid that powers the capital. Some mass marches against the $7 billion HydroAysen project have turned violent in energy-strapped Chile.

"During Bachelet's government and Pinera's administration there was a huge shift in Chile when it comes to development," said Marta Lagos, head of the Santiago-based polling firm Mori.

He noted per-capita income has surged since Bachelet was elected in 2006 and said Chileans widely feel the country has risen into the ranks of the developed world although many people are still poor.

"The protests partly come from people asking: 'If Chile is so rich, why am I not successful?' Whoever takes over will have to deal with more people saying: 'Give me a slice of that cake,*" Lagos said.

Bachelet's road to prominence has been a long one, and hard at the start.

Her father, air force Gen. Alberto Bachelet, died in 1974 following torture in prison after Pinochet's military convicted him of being a traitor for opposing the coup that ousted Marxist President Salvador Allende. Two Chilean military officers were charged last year with the death.

Bachelet herself was arrested along with her mother in 1975. It's an ordeal that she prefers not to talk about, saying only in her autobiography that she suffered "physical hardships." Using the family's political connections, she went into exile in Australia and the former East Germany.

When she returned to Chile in 1979, she studied medicine, specializing in pediatrics. She began working at an organization that helped children with mental health problems whose parents had been victims of the dictatorship.

At the same time, Bachelet rose through the ranks of the Socialist party and became a key player in the center-left coalition that dominated Chile's government for almost 20 years after Pinochet gave up power.

Her recent silence about her plans is in stark contrast with her normal manner. She easily breaks into casual chats and often improvises during speeches ? most often tossing in jokes or unplanned commentaries, said Francisco Javier Diaz, her former speech writer.

Her charisma and ability to evoke a close relationship with people has on occasion helped her overcome mistakes.

"When people feel so close, when they feel this is a caring person, they try to justify even the unjustifiable or forgive her faults," said Giorgo Agostini, a sociologist.

Those faults have not been few or small. In 2010, just 11 days before the end of her presidential term, the government's national emergency office failed to issue a tsunami warning to evacuate the coast after a magnitude-8.8 earthquake. More than 500 people were killed in the quake and the tsunami it set off.

Student protests that still bedevil Chile began during Bachelet's term and grew into strikes and school takeovers that forced her to shuffle her Cabinet. She sought unsuccessfully to calm the movement by naming a committee to discuss student demands.

Students are unhappy with Chile's poor quality public schools and unprepared teachers. The best college education requires going to expensive, private universities, and banks make education loans at high interest rates most Chileans can't afford.

Bachelet, who worked to bolster social programs while also encouraging business, won praise for shepherding Chile through the world economic crisis. Although growth stumbled and the jobless rate rose, she used government reserves to help the poorest Chileans during the hardest times.

Twice divorced, Bachelet is known as a caring mother and as an astute negotiator.

She put behind her past and helped the discredited military regain its status after Pinochet's traumatic dictatorship. One of her most emblematic moments came when she was named Latin America*s first woman defense minister during the government of President Ricardo Lagos.

Now Chileans wait to see if she's ready to jump back on the political stage.


Associated Press writers Edith M. Lederer at the United Nations in New York and Luis Andres Henao contributed to this report.


Eva Vergara on Twitter:

Associated Press


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One runner dead, 30 hospitalized after half-marathon

Gideon Markowicz / EPA

Zohar Bimro is treated by a medic after winning Friday's half-marathon in Tel Aviv, Israel. One participant died and more than 50 others were injured.

By John Newland, Staff Writer, NBC News

A man in his 30s died and four people were put in medically induced comas on Friday after suffering heat stroke and dehydration while running a half-marathon in Israel.

The race was run in temperatures that climbed from the 70s at the 5:45 a.m. (11:45 p.m. Thursday ET) start but approached 90 degrees in less than two hours.

City officials and organizers of the Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon last week decided to postpone the full race until March 22 because the forecast called for temperatures approaching 100 degrees. The starting time of Friday's half-marathon was moved 30 minutes earlier.

Medical personnel said 60 people were tended to by ambulances and 30 were taken to hospitals. Twelve people were listed in critical condition early Friday, with four in medically induced comas, but the number in critical condition had dropped to two by Friday afternoon.

Paul Goldman, an NBC News producer and editor in Tel Aviv, ran the race and said he had no difficulties and was unaware of any problems until he had finished in 1 hour and 42 minutes. Many of those who collapsed were further back in the field, he said.

"After the race, when we finished and went to get water, the ambulances started arriving," Goldman said. "Then I started hearing more sirens. Here in Israel when you hear sirens, you can identify when it?s just one siren or whether it?s an incident. You could tell something was going on."

While Goldman said he was personally unaffected by the temperatures, he added that "everyone complained that it was very dry."

"I felt it was very dry from the start," he said. "You feel it in the lips and the mouth."

City officials held meetings before Friday's race and allowed it to go ahead after consultations with "the highest-ranking medical professionals," Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said in a statement.

"We will investigate and examine the event thoroughly and we will reach conclusions and learn the necessary lessons," he added. "We will also cooperate fully with any investigation that will occur regarding this matter."

The mayor noted that the race was run "under decent weather, according to all of the official opinions."

Goldman, who has been running for 15 years, said many runners, particularly Israelis, would not have had an opportunity to train extensively this year in hot weather.

"It was winter until literally a week ago," he said. "Everyone that has trained for the marathon, we were all running in rain conditions and training in pretty cold weather. Suddenly people who were training in the cold were running in the heat. Your body is not used to it."


Full Israel coverage from NBC News?




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Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat - - Cruisers ...

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Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

I'm saving to buy a used boat to cruise. Last fall I traveled several hundred miles to the Boston area to see a few boats. I found all to be in very poor condition. I wasted time and money in looking. At that time I was considering some inexpensive ones and predictably they were all pretty poor quality. However I have since looked at some others and found that some are priced at $20K+ and that some of those are death traps and in terrible condition. So my dilemma is how to find a boat without wasting all my hard earned money on hotels and various other expenses.

I am retired, drawing SS and also working. One check pays my rent, food etc while the other is being saved toward my dream boat. Once I have what I expect will be enough, $25K or so, I hope to seriously look for the boat. Right now I'm just "window-shopping" to get an idea of what boats might work well for me.

My job is in a hotel so as long as I work there I can stay in hotels for a discount. Still this will be expensive and will eat my savings because the discounts are not that large.

How can I travel to see various boats without ending up spending what I've saved for the boat? Is it possible that brokers will put me up for a night or so while I look at the boat(s) they are offering? Would it be conceivable to stay on one of the boats I'm looking at for a day or so?

Do you have any other ideas I've missed?


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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

I think it's highly unlikely that you're going to find the boat you're looking for through a yacht broker. They work on commission, and 10% of a 20K boat is a lot less than 10% on a 100K boat for about the same amount of work on their part. Your best bet is to search all the different for-sale-by-owner pages on the internet, and spend the weekends walking the docks at marinas and talking to the locals. There are probably tons of boats available that may not even be advertised for sale, but that an aging owner (or widow of an owner) would be thrilled to sell if an offer dropped in his lap.

Also, if you see a boat advertised that you like, don't be embarrassed to offer 50% of the asking price. You'll get a lot of "offended no's", but the truth is that most boats sit for months or years before getting sold and you'll eventually find an owner who's sick and tired of paying yard or slip fees and is willing to take any serious offer,

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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

I'm not sure what you're looking for, and I know nothing about the Eastern seaboard market. But for $20k if you're looking at "death traps" you must be in the 50+ft range. At least around here.

$20 K here will get you a decent 30ish ft boat with a lot of potential and able to sail today.

Again, you don't say what you I could be way off. +1 on leaving out the broker.

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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

Answering the questions: I lived aboard for quite a few years so I know quite a bit about boats. Originally I was fixated on Bristols but now I'm very open-minded. I'll take anything that seem to be a good boat. I require a quarterberth for secure sleeping when at sea. I plan on following the warm sun so bimini and dodger are important. A computer is part of my life so I'd like the boat to have decent power, solar panels, and/or wind generator. I like electronics but I could probably live with less. I have two rabbits so netting to keep them aboard is vital. A centerboard is preferable but not required.

I'm 66 and planning on living aboard and cruising until I die unless health forces me to swallow the anchor. I have been looking for something between 30 and 37 feet. I am really not sure what size to get. I fear that 37 would be a bit much for an old man to handle but 30 would be too tiny for me and my bunnies. I suspect that 33-35 would be best for me but I need to see a few to help me gauge that.

I've been looking since last year and I've noticed that many of the same boats are still for sale so I'd suspect that offering 50% of the asking price might get me a good boat from someone who wants to be rid of their boat.

I think you're right on brokers. I have talked with a few, expressed my desires and then heard nothing back from them. They probably don't want to be bothered with me. However I have been looking at the online places, and others and it looks like almost all the boats there are for sale by brokers.

I don't have relatives that I can stay with so storage of what I have then travelling and sleeping in the car is probably the best idea. However I'm not sure how to do that without getting in trouble with the law. Thoughts on this?


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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -


... sleeping in the car is probably the best idea. However I'm not sure how to do that without getting in trouble with the law. Thoughts on this?

Well I wasn't expecting that lol

I use truck stops, totally expected. Also most wal-marts. But seriously, you don't have anyone in FL? I thought every American had at least one cousin in...Florida.. (Haha you thought I was going to Miami didn't you???!!! )

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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

Have you tried camping? You can pack your tent in the trunk of your car, or get yourself a small used tow-able camper. I camped for years, along the eastern seaboard. Today's tents are rugged, easy to put up and dismantle; your neighbors will even help you out in pitching your tent! Invest in sturdy camping equipment; it should last you for years. Camping fees are very reasonable in most places, and many campgrounds offer Senior Discounts; KOA is the largest campground chain. Enjoy nature, while shopping around for your dream boat! Mauritz


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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

My understanding is that is a brokers website, so all of the boats there are offered by brokers. is one that I look at now and then, that has mostly FSBO boats. Also, craigslist is a good source, at least here in Florida.

Now, unless you're looking at multi-million dollar yachts, no broker is going to offer to put you up while you're in town for a look-see. So I think you can forget about that.

Best advice I can offer is what others have said. Try to go to an area where you can look at a lot of boats on one trip. From where you are, the Chesapeake and Florida seem like the likely candidates. There are hundreds of boats of the type that you're looking for, for sale right now, in the area between Tarpon Springs and Naples on the west coast of Florida. Probably at least as many more between Miami and Port St. Lucie on the east coast.

If you can look at 5-6 boats in one day (and you can do that around here) then you get a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to the travel expenses.

Good luck.


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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

Great minds think alike...

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If you have not done so, I would recommend joining the SSCA. The advantage to you is that the SSCA maintains coordinators in many active boating areas. If you contact the coordinator in an area you are interested in investigating, he or she can often introduce you to other sailors in the area
. At least some of them will be happy to host you for a day or two.


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Re: Minimize Travel Expenses when Buying a Used Boat -

check sailboat listings too.

There is a ton for sale here on the Chesapeake. My friend just bought a hunter 30 in good shape for like 6k! Owner wanted like 8k. I checked it out with him as he is a bit of anovice and wanted me to go. He got a great deal. I paid like 3.5k for my cal. Needed an entire refit, but that was what I was looking for. Bottom line is that there are a ton of boats for sale. Think about buying a boat much cheaper than your 25k dream with all that stuff on it and the money you save on the purchase can put that stuff that you really need on your boat.

a bruce roberts sold at my marina last summer. he was asking like 10k. not sure what he got. Deals are out there. Just have to look. I like the sailboat listings site. If you are looking at living aboard, check out the s2's. they have center cockpit and aft cabin. We have a few of em for sale up here on the bay. There is a lot to be had at great prices. You can fit bat and solar and fish finder (for depth and topography) garmin gps, ipad chartplotter and paper maps, get a good anchor and chain and a new set of sails. I know I could do it for 25k and I know you can too if you look at it a little different. It is hard to take 25k and get the boat you want, but to take less and get a boat and make it what you want seems to me to be much easier. Good luck in your search!

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76% of statistics are made up.

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Makerbot and Adafruit selling special edition 3D printer: Raspberry Pi, other kits included

Makerbot and Adafruit selling special edition 3D printer: Raspberry Pi, other kits included

We honestly hadn't given it much thought, but now that it's been brought to our attention, Makerbot and Adafruit really do make an awesome duo. Think about it: one makes 3D printers, the other sells Arduino boards and pretty much everything else a tinkerer could possibly want. So it makes sense that the two companies are teaming up on something: we just heard they've started selling a limited edition version of Makerbot's Replicator 2 3D printer, which will come bundled with three DIY kits you'd normally buy on a site like Adafruit. These include the Raspberry Pi, which you all know very well, along with the Timesquare DIY Watch Kit and MintyBoost, the open-source hardware charger.

You might wonder why someone might need all that in one box, but the idea is that you can use the printer to create the sorts of custom parts that don't necessarily come with the kits -- something like a band to go with your Timesquare watch, or a case for the MintyBoost. All told, you'll need $2,296 before you can make this your next impulse buy. Don't get too put off by the price, though -- the Replicator 2 by itself would cost $2,199 without any kits included.

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Afghanistan's biggest-ever truck bomb defused in Kabul: spy agency

By Mirwais Harooni

KABUL (Reuters) - Security forces in the Afghan capital have defused a truck bomb packed with nearly eight tonnes of explosives, the biggest of its kind discovered in the country, the spy agency said on Friday amid heightened security.

Intelligence forces discovered the explosives in eastern Kabul, wired and ready for detonation, security officials said. Five al-Qaeda linked Haqqani network insurgents were killed in a resulting firefight.

"This truck bomb could have destroyed an area around 1.5 km (in radius). Now can you imagine that what kind of catastrophe this would be?," Shafiqullah Tahiri, a spokesman for the National Directorate of Security, told a news conference.

It contained sodium chloride, ammonium nitrate, other chemicals and some diesel.

After more than 11 years of war, insurgents are still able to strike strategic military targets and launch high-profile attacks in Kabul and elsewhere.

The truck bomb was discovered on Wednesday two days after U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel left the capital. On the first full day of Hagel's visit, a suicide bomber struck about a kilometer away from his morning meetings at a NATO facility.

Two Haqqani operatives were arrested during the night raid, and Tahiri said the militants had been planning to target a military facility in the capital. There are several foreign and Afghan military bases in Kabul, housing thousands of soldiers.

The Haqqani network is widely regarded as the most dangerous U.S. foe in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is bracing for the start of the spring fighting season, and officials fear that militants will infiltrate the capital as the snow melts in the mountains to the east where they hide.

A number of insurgent groups, including the Taliban, the Haqqani network and Hizb-i-Islami, led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, are known to reside in restive Wardak province just 40 minutes drive from Kabul.

Afghan officials told Reuters this week they were worried that the Afghan capital would be in danger after President Hamid Karzai ordered U.S. special forces tasked with fighting the Taliban to leave Wardak.

U.S. special forces are expected to play a major role after most NATO combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014, and Karzai's decision could complicate negotiations between the United States and Afghanistan over the scope of U.S. operations after the pull-out.

International forces in Afghanistan have also been warned the that recent inflammatory remarks by Karzai have put them at risk, NATO commander General Joseph Dunford said in an email obtained by the New York Times this week.

Karzai accused the United States of colluding with the Taliban hours before the two met last Sunday. His remarks, which have been rejected by Washington, highlight an often tense relationship with the United States.

(Writing by Jeremy Laurence; Editing by Nick Macfie)


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lauer offered to resign with 'Today' troubles

FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2012 file photo, Matt Lauer, co-host of the NBC "Today" television show, appears during a segment of the show in New York's Rockefeller Center. The Daily Beast reported Monday, March 11, 2013 that Lauer was ready to take the fall last year for troubles on the morning show, but Steve Burke, the chief executive of NBC Universal, dismissed the idea. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2012 file photo, Matt Lauer, co-host of the NBC "Today" television show, appears during a segment of the show in New York's Rockefeller Center. The Daily Beast reported Monday, March 11, 2013 that Lauer was ready to take the fall last year for troubles on the morning show, but Steve Burke, the chief executive of NBC Universal, dismissed the idea. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

(AP) ? A report says Matt Lauer was ready to take the fall last year for troubles on NBC's "Today" show.

The Daily Beast reported Monday that Lauer told Steve Burke, the chief executive of NBC Universal, that he would leave if Burke thought the show was better off without him. Burke dismissed the idea. The account of the behind-the-scenes drama at the troubled morning show was confirmed by show spokeswoman Megan Kopf on Monday.

"Today" has slipped behind ABC's "Good Morning America" in the ratings, and the slide was more pronounced after Ann Curry's messy departure as Lauer's co-host last summer.

Many viewers blamed Lauer for Curry's ouster, but the report said Lauer had been urging NBC to move more slowly with plans to replace her.

Associated Press


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Introducing:Northern Beaches Pressure Cleaning | Fathead ...

Northern Beaches Pressure Cleaning is an owner-operated business that provides high pressure cleaning services for domestic and commercial clients in Sydney?s Northern Beaches and North Shore. Services include the washing of driveways, paths, patios, walls, gates, tiles, gutters and other home areas via high pressure cleaning. And while the market has been primarily residential, the demand from industrial and commercial establishments such as shopping areas, healthcare facilities and livestock areas has increased over the years.

Using chemicals and cleaning machines may not be enough to clean a messy driveway. The quickest way to clean it is with a pressure washer. With pressures of at least 3000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch), you can get rid of those dirt. When you are finished, your driveway will appear as good as it was new.

The most efficient method of cleaning the exterior, particularly upholstery and texture or brick surfaces is using high speed water propelling system. With high pressure cleaning, the outdoor areas which are difficult to reach because of heights are now easily cleaned. Pavings, pathways and even the houses of pets can also be washed effectively and efficiently using this cleaner.

Strata cleaning offers a complete exterior cleaning. They use pressure cleaners and soft wash the lawn, pathways to bin rooms, sotrage rooms, and fencing. With topnotch commercial grade equipment, they will leave your estate clean while being eco friendly.

A Sydney washer services website offers some high pressure cleaning ( services that can clean almost entirely all exterior surfaces including warehouse floors, paving, car parks, roofs, walls, side walks, and other hard to clean spots. At NSW alone, a website has videos that will show you how to address deck sealing and parts replacement. A Cleaningwater staff is needed in order to get tips from their gallery. Getting solutions that will help in your large commercial areas that require high pressure cleaning but with a great price too. So, as early as this Feb, contact painters that will help you restore your gallery.


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Sunday, March 10, 2013

How I Get Paid Every Month from off of My Website | Social Media ...

Saturday, March 9th, 2013 at 5:03 pm ?

Get Paid Every Month from off of My WebsiteThere are several different ways I personally get paid every month from off of my website, but in this article we?ll just focus on one concept and strategy for now.

When it comes to starting up a business (large or small), it?s essential to have a website right along with your business and brand as well. I am sure you already know this.

Offline stores need to have their business online. This is not a debate, up for questioning, but it?s a must! I?ll explain more below.? A lot of businesses do not believe this, but it?s true! Now-a-days, everything is web based and internet driven. Even if you?re in business for yourself, by yourself (i.e. Realtor agent, Consultant, Yoga Constructor, or even hair stylist etc) you need to be branding you, your business, and self online.

People feel like if you?re not ?online? then it?s like you?re not real or something and chances are, they will go next door to do business all because of a simple website.? Having a website represents not only just the business, but the team in a whole. Like it represents the owner and their creations, vision, their brand, and it?s kind of like getting to know them behind the scenes. We are more visual with everything. We want to ?see? it, right? When we see it, then we kind of get a feel for the business and their brand. then we?ll decide if we want to do business or not.

You will see big time fortune 500 companies doing business not just offline anymore but they are very much running those same operations online as well and making a killing off of it.

If you?re considering having a website for your business, already have one, or in the process of building one please make sure you?re doing this correctly,using the correct platform that?s going to not only bring you great traffic to your front end business, but you will want to make sure you?re also generating a back-end or ?side? stream of income from off of your website too. It doesn?t make sense in my honest opinion to have a website just for your business alone. You will want to use that side to generate additional income on the back end. And there are several ways you can do this!

I receive this question in my inbox quite frequently on ? how do I get paid every month from off of my website ?

Let?s first start with what type of website you?re going to need in order to do just that! Get the back-end side stream of revenue flowing in. Building up for you monthly. See my video below where I share a few simple strategies, tips, tools, and advice on how this too can benefit you!Press Play


Here are my quick steps I use in order to get paid every month from off of my website. You can take these? same steps here into action mood immediately!!!

  1. WordPress
  2. Hosting
  3. Theme

Download your once you?ve downloaded that. Then you?re next step will be to select a theme for your blog / website. There are tons of FREE themes? made available, but in my honest opinion, going ?FREE? is not always the best route. Especially if you?re trying to make this done right like I?ve share above. Your goal is to get your site done and set up the right way.

There are tons of paid themes and companies out there. Some are very expensive and others are dirt cheap. However based on my experience of being an online as a full time Social Media Manager / internet MOMpreneur and this also includes depending on the nature of your business, here are the best themes I recommend you should go with that will definitely keep traffic going, growing, and engaged on your site. Not to mention super affordable too.

  1. - Get access to over 3,107,399 themes prices ranging as low as $8.00 ? beyond.
  2. FlexSqueeze 1.5 - For internet markets MLM, Direct sales, Network Marketing industry unlimited tools and themes for 2 membership price. This would depend on the network marketers needs and wants.
  3. Elegant Themes ? Get 100% complete access to elegant themes entire collection of 81 themes for only $39! Good ideal for boutiques, e-commerce, magazines and much more.
  • Hosting for your WordPress

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore. Just like flowers need the right environment to grow, WordPress works best when it?s in a rich hosting environment. So here at the TOP 2 hosting providers that will definitely get your wordpress blog / website cracken on the web easily, affordable, and best effectively.

  1. Hostgator - Designed for WordPress. Starting as low as $3.96/month. Just a ?1-click? easy set up. Unlimited Blogs to be hosted. Your best option here is definitely going with Hostgator.
  2. Godaddy ? web hosting for as little as $7.64/month

As I?ve mentioned above, there are several different ways I personally get paid every month from off of my website but I wanted to know what are some of your ways too? Or you?re thinking about starting? Want to start but lost and clueless? Either way, I?d love the hear from yah, please comment below. I?m listening.

If you found this information helpful please like and share with anyone you feel can benefit from what you just discovered. Together we all can truly make a difference.

To your success!

Janelle McLeod




P.S. How I was able to really get paid from off of my website weekly / monthly I encourage you to click here and learn these 3 simple tricks that has taught me the power of leveraging the internet. Learn how to you can turn your passionate into profits by simply monetizing your site correctly to start generating a side revenue stream of income on the back-end and best, how I get this revenue 100% DAILY.


Get Paid Every Month from off of My Website

Janelle McLeod is a Social Media Manager and very passionate about sharing information and helping others to boost their business, brand, and online presence to the next level. She is a top producer and a documented super sponsoring machine in the internet marketing and network marketing industry. She is known for her high standards, morality and his down-to-earth yet "no-nonsense" approach to making money online. She has worked with several hundreds of marketers, small business, and independent contractors & so forth and has coached countless people on the marketing skills and techniques required to generate real income online! If you have not already connected with Janelle, come out from under your rock and let her help you get your business off to a massive start ALL online NOW! Connect with me on Facebook and on Twitter .

Janelle M

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