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James Bond and Batman help rescue London developers (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - Hollywood is helping London developers weather the financial crisis by turning empty offices into film sets, providing cash and publicity for landlords struggling to fill buildings with tenants because of the uncertain economic outlook.


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Do parents have the right to see their teen's medical records? ? The ...

You want to see your teen?s medical records, but should you have the right?

By Melissa Kang, Senior Lecturer, Department of General Practice at University of Sydney

Teens have a right to confidential health care

Photo by Ed Yourdon

If your teenage daughter was sexually active and wanted to go on the pill, you?d want to know, right? Well, think back to when you were her age ? would you have told your parents?

These questions were the subject of a recent Melbourne study of parental views of adolescent?s right to confidential health care.

The study, which took place in a specialist Adolescent Medicine clinic, found the majority of parents surveyed (86%) believed they should be informed by their adolescent?s treating health professional about their health problems and behaviours, regardless of whether their child agreed.

For clinicians, confidential care underpins best practice in adolescent health. But so does working with parents and families to support young people who have health problems.

These seemingly opposite approaches raise a number of ethical, legal and health-care issues for health professionals who treat young people.

Legal framework

In Australia, confidential health care is a human right enshrined in law. And medical practitioners can be sued for breaching patient confidentiality.

There are many exceptions to this, such as a patient giving permission for their information to be shared ? with partners, parents or family members ? or when a person is deemed at serious risk of harm to themselves or others.

If a child under 16 years is considered to be at risk of harm then health professionals are mandated by law to notify child protection authorities (except Western Australia, where health professionals are only required to report sexual abuse).

The definition of ?risk of harm? varies between jurisdictions, as does the classification of who constitutes a ?mandatory reporter?.

While there are many other legal exemptions to confidential health care, these are the most pertinent in the day-to-day clinical care of adolescent patients.

In practice, this means that a teenager who sits in a consulting room with his or her doctor can rely on their doctor to keep confidential any information they disclose unless an exemption applies.

How old is old enough?

There is no lower age limit, and this is the case if the young patient has presented themselves to a health service independently, or if they see you while mum or dad waits in the waiting room.

So imagine Maya, aged 15, nervously attending the family GP by herself for the first time, worried about pregnancy following an unprotected but consensual sexual encounter two days earlier with her 15-year-old boyfriend of several weeks.

Unless this incident led the GP to strongly suspect abuse, assault, or imminent risk of harm to self or others, the doctor is legally bound to keep this information confidential ? even if Maya?s mother visits the next day for her routine Pap smear and mentions her concern about Maya?s boyfriend distracting her from her school work.

If Maya wanted to discuss emergency or ongoing contraception with her GP, a different legal framework comes into play. The right to consent to your own medical treatment kicks in at the age of legal majority, which is 18 years.

But common law allows for a medical practitioner to assess a legal minor for their competence to consent to their own treatment. If they?re found to be competent, parental consent is not required, and the adolescent can consent to their own treatment.

Maya would need to satisfy her GP that she has a full understanding of any treatment being proposed (contraception, for instance) and that she voluntarily accepts the treatment.

In South Australia and New South Wales, additional legislation provides for younger teenagers to consent to their own treatment.

Ethical complications

Nevertheless, in optimal adolescent health care, the family, cultural and psychosocial environments of each patient are considered. Important ethical issues can arise, and these can intersect with legal issues.

What if the GP believed that Maya?s parents would in fact be tolerant of this new turn in her relationship and would want to support her?

What if the GP also felt that for Maya to keep a secret from her parents this would actually cause her more anxiety than the sexual relationship itself?

The ideal consultation would also include an exploration of these issues with Maya.

The opposite might be true ? what if the GP believed that family repercussions for Maya?s sexual activity could be serious, perhaps due to religious or cultural beliefs?

The GP might wish to offer Maya other options for support in this context.

Parents want to know

In the Melbourne study, 40% of parents wanted to be told of their adolescent?s sexual activity, and this rose to almost 60% if their daughter was pregnant or if their son or daughter had a sexually transmitted infection.

Parental desire to be informed about health behaviours or problems was highest for mental health issues, such as depression (87% of parents), eating disorders (81%) and drug use other than alcohol, smoking or marijuana (78%).

It?s understandable why parents want to be informed when mental illness or substance abuse is involved.

Psychological illnesses and substance misuse can impact on an individual?s insight and capacity to care for themselves, and surrounding support persons are part of a ?care team?.

When these issues are identified in confidential consultations with adolescents, the law does not change per se, but the practicalities of health care probably do in most situations.

Managing a mental health condition may require treatment from a number of health professionals and the establishment a support network.

Part of the therapeutic armament would include focused discussions with the adolescent about informing and involving parents or carers, being careful not to breach confidentiality in order to gain trust and build a therapeutic relationship.

This applies whether an adolescent patient is 13 or 19, although the young person?s maturity, educational stage and psychosocial needs must be considered in the context of their family and cultural background.

Case by case

Adolescent health care is a challenging area of medicine, not in the least because adolescents are in a ?grey area? legally and as individual patients.

There are varying levels of maturity and autonomy that must be assessed for each adolescent and in each clinical situation.

Parents can be the most important source of support for most adolescents and ideally should be involved when their adolescent child has complex or changing health and wellbeing needs.

Nevertheless, the confidential consultation is essential as young people learn to take responsibility for their health and learn to navigate the health system ? and the world in general ? in their personal quest for maturity and autonomy.


What role should parents play in their teen?s health care? Share your comments below.

This article was originally published at The Conversation.
Read the original article.


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Domestic Violence


The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence was formed to spread awareness of domestic violence and improve the safety and services for victims of domestic violence. The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence defines domestic violence as "being a pattern of behavior that includes the use or threat of violence and intimidation for the purpose of gaining power and control over another person". Domestic violence takes many forms; it can be physical, sexual, isolation, emotional, control, and verbal. "Women of all backgrounds experience abuse. Eighty five percent of domestic violence victims are women" (Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Domestic violence can also occur between gay and lesbian couples. The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence states that, "domestic violence between gay and lesbian couples occurs in approximately twenty five to thirty percent of relationships, which is the same statistical frequency as in heterosexual relationships". Domestic violence does not just happen in marriages or between adults. There are many teenagers that experience domestic violence in their relationships. "Approximately twenty percent of high school girls have reported being physically and/or mentally abused by a dating partner" (Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence). There are also cases where there is domestic violence against boys as well. Although, boys hardly experience physical relationship abuse, they can be pressured into having sex. Domestic violence can have effects on children and other people. According to Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, "slightly more than half of female victims of intimate partner violence live in households with children under age twelve and thousands of American children witness intimate partner violence within their own families". The impact of domestic violence is huge. "On average, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in this country everyday" (Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence). The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence states that, "victim safety and batterer accountability must be of primary importance". Victims also need to be able to trust the criminal justice system to protect them from the batterer. The Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence gives a great deal of advice on how to help someone if you believe they are a victim of domestic abuse. It can be very hard to know what to do, or even to get the victim understand and the best thing to do it try. There are five things the website gives to say when a victim says they cannot leave and those are: "I am afraid for your safety, I am afraid for the safety of your children, It will only get worse, there is help available, and you don't deserve to be abused" (Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Safety and safety planning is very important. There are different risks associated with each option, whether it be staying in the relationship or going to stay with friends and family. The most important thing someone can do is to let the victim know you are there to help, support, and be patient. It is important for the victim to know that you are on their side and support their decisions.

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Business Growth Through Innovation | Self Improvement Blogs from ...

Figuring out and leveraging innovations in what you are promoting can provide advantages to any type of business. Here are my seven favourite innovation-related benefits to help you increase your business.

?? 1. Increase Revenue ? Innovations increase company revenue by creating new services or products that entice new clients and get your present prospects to purchase extra from you. Innovative product options that become a ?will need to have? characteristic improve sales.
?? 2. Reduce Bills ? Innovating inner procedures can significantly cut back an organization?s everyday working expenses. Revolutionary manufacturing procedures will cut back manufacturing bills, which strengthens your business.
?? 3. Provide A Competitive Edge ? New products (and new features for existing merchandise) distinguish your organization?s products from others within the marketplace, which can enhance sales. Small enhancements to your services or products can dramatically enhance sales.
?? 4. Place your Business as an ?Innovator? within the Marketplace ? Information articles, press releases and comparable info discussing your organization?s innovations can appeal to customers to your products. Innovative businesses usually have a customer base full of raving followers that promote their products by word-of-mouth.
?? 5. Attract and Retain High Employees and Contractors ? Many individuals need to work for modern companies. Staff enjoy being part of an innovative setting, moderately than an old-fashioned ?boring? company. Attracting a large pool of those who wish to work to your firm allows you to choose probably the most?abebooks coupon code gifted individuals for open positions.
?? 6. Create A ?Tradition of Innovation? ? Instructing staff about innovation and encouraging progressive thinking produces an innovation culture in your business. This ?innovation behavior? is contagious and produces a gentle stream of artistic ideas from all departments in the company.
?? 7. Entice Investors/Funding ? Many buyers and other funding sources look favorably upon revolutionary companies. Innovations present a path to new merchandise and increased revenue, which improves the investor?s earnings and reduces their notion of risk.

A effectively-designed Innovation Technique can provide many different benefits to your enterprise ? the above listing identifies a couple of of my favorite innovation benefits.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mozilla partners with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom to further Boot to Gecko project

Boot to Gecko
So far, we have seen neither hide nor hair of that rumored LG-built Boot to Gecko developer device. Mozilla hasn't exactly been keeping quiet, though. The company announced a pair of partners on the web standards-based mobile OS: Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom. The German parent company of T-Mobile will be lending members of its Innovation Labs team to the development of the project. Telefónica will be bringing hardware to the equation. It revealed plans to build "open web devices" based on B2G for release this year. Qualcomm and Adobe are also throwing their weight behind the HTML5 platform. Before the week is through we should be able to scrounge up a few more details and spend some hands-on time with the OS.

Mozilla partners with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom to further Boot to Gecko project originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 27 Feb 2012 18:29:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Finance With Horrendous Credit: How to search for the Right Loan ...

Cash step of progress loans are created for engaging in Americans that may need fast cashmoney until his or her next salaryday. It just isn?t a way for you to purchase a car or truck or your house, but also methods to consolidate latest loans in addition to debts, or create emergency repayments on unexpected expenses. This credit will come in two different kinds, namely closed form loans for blacklisted people unsecured appearance. People who can handle pledging security up against the loan must make application for secured sort of credit in addition to must avail monetize sufficient amount. Additionally, one must have the ability to prove gainful employment so the lending university is guaranteed of installment. If the actual borrower has the, collateral for your loan may well be necessary.

However, even should bad income handling routines are some the lessened score, it remains possible to acquire personal fiscal with dangerous credit, though if only there are usually sure signs an effort has been made to store the older habits to help bed. This means it is easy to get residence approved despite the ratings being some the tend not to.

This stands out as the funding option that almost all students would like to benefit via, whether exercises scholarships or maybe academic scholarships or grants.

?The loans for bad credit is to analyze many nearest banks,? predicted modern associate Dean Stanley. So, a funds check may not be necessary, thereby creating them ideal practically many people.

Providing information on your economic and a position history prospective businesses assess the best way accurate the credit rating is. Again, this can be described as lower risk to the lender.

By stating the reason for the fast cash loan, lenders usually are assured how the money will not be to become wasted upon unnecessary items. This is a really good thing in conjunction with a very awful thing, especially any time asking the 19- or possibly 19-year old to create a decision about how much cash they think they are required.

It is advisable to gather involves information and possess it handy when you contact any kind of online lenders when it comes to your house loan. It are sometimes a time if you find yourself retrenched by means of job or your partner is, or it might be a time if you get strategies over top of your head in unpaid bills that simply cannot afford shell out them.

At when fast cash is usually a must, personal loans with no need of credit check supplies a viable alternative for the people with negative credit. There are wonderful companies these days that offer payday loans online. These loans are available values under $100 and up to $1,000. Your probabilities of getting endorsed for payday loans online are never affected by any means by your own bad credit history.

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milesmcpherson: Got tweets of people watching from Poland, Qatar, Canada, Holland, Mexico, all over US. Keep them coming

Twitter / Miles McPherson: Got tweets of people watch ... Loader Got tweets of people watching from Poland, Qatar, Canada, Holland, Mexico, all over US. Keep them coming


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NCAA BB: Northern Illinois @ Central Michigan(spread)(2-26 @ 2:00pm)

This is a spread bet.


Northern Illinois
Central Michigan

Game Time:
Sunday February 26th @ 2:00pm

For a list of football bets check the first post here:

For a list of non-football bets (baseball, basketball, soccer, etc) check here:


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do You will need Pc Training? Samsung Galaxy Tablet | Computers ...

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The answer is yes, sooner or later you?ll want some personal computer training. As computers evolve and new software program becomes accessible individuals are discovering it crucial to help keep up on their laptop or computer abilities.

When you function in workplace environment for instance, you might be faced using a scenario exactly where your employer purchases a brand new piece of software program within the hopes that it is going to support his business turn into additional effective. Consequently, you might be needed to discover to utilize this new piece of software program. Even in case you function in a warehouse this new software program may well needed which you will need to enter inventory and print packing slips.

Do you?ll need to know almost everything concerning the software program? The answer is no, you by no indicates need to grow to be a personal computer professional. Just acquire the abilities which will permit you to make use of the software program as efficiently as doable within your day to day activities. Here are some methods to acquire those laptop or computer abilities.

1. The software program manual. Take some time to briefly read the titles and summaries. By performing so once you come across one thing you might be not positive the best way to do you could believe, ?I don?t forget reading some thing about that? and rapidly come across it once more inside the manual.

two. Software program certain books. These are books you are able to acquire at most main book shops. They?re fairly typically written by people today who?re professionals using the software program. The text is frequently followed by examples which could make it simpler for you to comprehend and for that reason you understand quicker.

three. CD tutorials. With a few of the additional well-known software program you might have the ability to obtain a CD tutorial. These training aids take you via step by step the diverse functions with the software program. By ?doing?, as you might be studying you?re additional frequently to don?t forget these different functions.

It is by no means to late to begin pc training. The abilities you discover right now could be all you will need to obtain that promotion or qualify for that new job. Taking the initiative to upgrade you laptop or computer abilities shows your employer or prospective employer which you are in a position to adapt towards the each and every altering pc workplace.

In other Computers and Technology Samsung Galaxy Tablet news: Shares Rise After Strong EarningsABC NewsThe main reason: They have realized it saves money, is more convenient and makes it easier to upgrade to new technology. The concept is becoming so popular that the geeky term used to describe it, "cloud computing," is moving into the mainstream.and more?

Library aims at security, savings with tech upgradeFort Wayne Journal GazetteThe librarys data center ? in another building on DiSalle Boulevard ? houses about 30 separate computer servers that are responsible for the email system, public computer system, the librarys website and other technology. As the servers age, ?and more?

PhysOrg.comTransforming Computers Of The Future With Optical InterconnectsPhotonics OnlineThe rapidly evolving technology of photonic interconnects promises to deliver this increase in computing capabilities by providing ultra-high communication bandwidths with extreme energy efficiency and should therefore provide the impetus to move the ?How photonic components will change the way computers are builtThe VergeUS boffins talk up photonic computing revolutionInquirer all 5 news articles?

Tampa Bay NewspapersTechnology upgrades improve policingTampa Bay NewspapersAt one point, the department had four different computer systems ? a records system, a computer-automated dispatch system, a mobile field reporting system and the mobile computer system ? all at varying degrees of technology capacity and ?and more?

How mobile, BYOD and younger workers are reinventing ITComputerworldThe same is true of technology and how users interact with their smartphones and tablets, computers and even personal cloud services. At its most basic level, the integration of technology into users everyday lives ? both at home and at work ? is ?and more?

CTV.caDispute Over the iPad Name Now in a US CourtVoice of America A Chinese company seeking to block the US-based Apple technology giant from using the iPad name to sell its popular computer tablets in China has opened a new legal front on Apples home turf. Proview Electronics said Friday that it filed suit recently ?Court says Apple can sell iPads in ShanghaiDaily Times NigeriaApple wins round one of China iPad boutmsnbc.comCourt says Apple can still sell iPads in ShanghaiOttawa Citizenall 840 news articles?

Dell buys AppAssure to boost cloud servicesCBS News ROUND ROCK, Texas ? Computer maker Dell Inc. said Friday it bought AppAssure, a company that specializes in remote data storage and computing, as part of Dells strategy to press into the field of Internet-based systems known as cloud computing.and more?

JSU Real talk career symposiumWLBT-TVBy Jewell Hillery ? bio | email Students at Jackson State University whore exploring the possibility of entering a career with an emphasis in computers and technology are invited to a special symposium called the "Real Talk Career Symposium.

Detroit Digital Justice Coalition To Hold Weekend Technology Education WorkshopsHuffington PostThe Sunday "Discotech" workshop at Mt. Elliott Makerspace at the Church of the Messiah on the citys east side will take a hands-on approach, teaching everything from building a computer to creating a Twitter account.

Transforming Computers of the Future with Optical Interconnects The rapidly evolving technology of photonic interconnects promises to deliver this increase in computing capabilities by providing ultra-high communication bandwidths with extreme energy efficiency and should therefore provide the impetus to move the ?and more?

Post # ce8b74256f6bdd561640 source: Leonore Berno is a recognized proponent of Samsung Galaxy Tablet and she also can be asked for extra details in Samsung Galaxy Tablet details and further info is visible on her own site ? February 24, 2012, 12:03 pm
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S&P 500 ends at highest since June '08 (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange February 21, 2012. REUTERS/Brendan McDermidReuters - The S&P 500 inched higher on Friday to close at the highest since before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, continuing a pattern of steady gains on signs of U.S. economic recovery.


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Video: New evidence may put end to 'dingo baby' case

More than three decades after their baby daughter died in the Australian Outback, the parents of Azaria Chamberlain are back in court. Lindy Chamberlain, who was jailed for her baby's murder, is hoping new evidence will finally end speculation she was to blame. The Chamberlains maintain their baby was killed by a wild dingo during a camping trip in 1980. ITV's Romily Weeks reports.


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How To Have A Vibrant Looking Skin? Read Our Easy Skin Care ...

New Health And Fitness.Org - Health Information You Can Use

Apart from using natural skin care products, you should also intake good amount of water to have healthy and natural skin. Proper and balanced diet also adds to the beauty of your skin. Ensure that your diet contains required vitamins, minerals, proteins and other food elements to keep your skin in good condition.

Hydrate yourself inside and out with water. Drink water to eliminate toxins and help your body at the cellular level to perform better. Use a humidifier in dry climates to put moisture in the air and hydrate the skin. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or your back to prevent wrinkles from forming. Pressing your face into most pillowcases will cause wrinkles to form.

Read this post until the end. You may be glad you did. If you are attempting to determinine whether or not you must look deeper into Revitol acnezine or you?re simply trying to improve your skin care routine, the data presented in this article will definitely help. After reading this postarticle, you simply might be shocked by how much you learn. Youthful, glowing skin may be yours after implementing simply one of the tips listed here.

After a long, tiring and stressful day, your skin needs pampering and you can do that in an easy natural way like putting up a fresh pumpkin anti-aging facial treatment or mask. It can help remove toxins and dirt that are stuck deep within your pores. It will also deliver a boost of moisture to dry or cracked skin giving you a fresh look again.

It is very important to develop good skin care habits during the twenties! This will help you to preserve the beauty of your skin and delay signs of aging. You are lucky if you have a role-model for example your mum or your girl-friend who can introduce you to skin-care basics but if not, you need to learn it yourself.

Diet can play a big part in sensitive skin break outs. A healthy diet (containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables) will help skin look healthy. People with sensitive skin should pay attention to their diet and take note if any foods seem to trigger a sensitive skin reaction. Even some healthy foods may cause a reaction in some people, so do not discount these when you look at possible triggers. Hot and spicy foods are particularly likely to cause a negative effect.

Normal skins are those whose oily areas are on the tip of the nose, cheeks, and forehead and at time, on the chin. This skin type suits any skin product. A skin is considered dry when it is wrinkled and has poor turgor due to its lack of moisture. A generous amount of moisturizer would be beneficial.

Your hair can create problems on your face if it?s oily due to the products applied to strands. In short, it?s important to keep your hair off of your face whenever possible. You will also benefit from wearing hats or headbands less often because these hold the oils that your scalp produces, and can cause acne when in contact with skin.

Other Articles Created By This Writer ? Read these pages for more info about this creator?s different websites.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arizona finally gets GOP candidates' attention

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum reacts while shaking hand during a campaign rally at the El-Zaribah Shrine Auditorium, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum reacts while shaking hand during a campaign rally at the El-Zaribah Shrine Auditorium, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks at a town hall meeting at Eagle Manufacturing Corporation in Shelby Township, Mich., Tuesday, Mich., Feb. 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Preparations continue on a stage at the Mesa Arts Center for Wednesday nights GOP presidential debate hosted by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012,. (AP Photo/East Valley Tribune, Tim Hacker ) MANDATORY CREDIT, ARIZONA REPUBLIC OUT

(AP) ? Rick Santorum is looking for another upset or two, while Mitt Romney is hoping to keep his leading rival at bay in the run-up to the 20th debate of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I could do well," the former Pennsylvania senator told supporters Tuesday after arriving ahead of any of his rivals for pre-debate campaigning in Arizona, a state that has long been assumed safe for Romney.

Both Arizona and Michigan hold primaries on Feb. 28, but until recently, at least, the similarities seemed to end there.

Polls have long shown Romney with a solid lead in Arizona, where all of the 29 delegates at stake are reserved for the top vote-getter in the primary. As a result, neither he, Santorum, Newt Gingrich nor Ron Paul has devoted much time to the state.

Television ads have been scarce, as well. None of the candidates has run commercials, and Restore Our Growth, an outside group that has played a major role in Romney's success so far in the campaign, is the only organization to pay for ads.

In Michigan, by contrast, Romney's lead in public and private surveys began eroding earlier this month when Santorum won upset victories in caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and a non-binding primary in Missouri on a single night. Now the one-time front-runner campaigns as though he is behind.

Not surprisingly, Romney, Santorum and their allies have poured money into television ads in Michigan ? about $5 million combined, with additions made Tuesday for the race's final week.

While Wednesday's debate is in Arizona, the stakes are heightened because some previous encounters have had an impact far beyond the state where they were held.

Most notably, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry never recovered from his failure to recall the third of three federal agencies he wanted to abolish. His lapse came in a debate in Michigan last November.

And Romney righted his campaign a month ago when he excelled in a pair of Florida debates after losing the South Carolina primary to Gingrich.

Romney campaigned in Michigan on Tuesday, and was pulled into a discussion of social issues by questioners at a town-hall style rally in Shelby Township.

Asked how he would defend religious liberty, he said President Barack Obama's administration has "fought against religion" and sought to substitute a secular agenda for one grounded in faith.

"Unfortunately, possibly because of the people the president hangs around with, and their agenda, their secular agenda ? they have fought against religion," he said.

Obama's campaign seized on the characterization, calling Romney's comments disgraceful and likening them to recent comments by Santorum. The former Pennsylvania senator said recently the president holds a "phony theology," then insisted he wasn't attacking the president's faith, but his environmental views.

Republicans have accused Obama of violating religious liberties when the administration recently announced that except for churches, most employers would be required to make birth control available as an insurance benefit as part of the health care overhaul Congress passed in 2010. The White House backtracked, but not enough to satisfy conservatives.

Romney, who has had trouble winning the votes of tea party advocates, said they should be in his corner.

"I think the tea party would find it very interesting that Rick Santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling five times without getting compensating reductions in spending," Romney said, echoing the campaign ads his campaign and his allies are airing in Michigan.

Two thousand miles away, Santorum was cheered by a survey that showed a tighter-than-expected race in Arizona. He was repeatedly applauded during an appearance at a Lincoln Day luncheon held by the Maricopa County Republican Party.

"You can speak loudly on Tuesday that you want someone who's going to stand up and fight the insiders, fight the establishment, someone who has a track record of doing it," he said.

His reception was even better several hours later at a campaign rally.

Santorum "is just rock solid. He's sincere, honest," said Mary Muir, who said the rally was the first political event she has attended in 50 years.

Rich Kulok, 73, of Mesa, who also attended, said he was solidly for Santorum.

"I believe in the things he's saying," said Kulok, who worked in management and construction before retiring. "I'm dead set against abortion." He said Santorum "seems more genuine than the other guys."

"I think Romney will tell you anything you want to hear, depending on what city you're in," he said.

Gingrich has scarcely been a factor in either Michigan or Arizona, except indirectly.

His decision not to campaign in Michigan so far has allowed Santorum a chance to compete against Romney without also having to fend off a rival for the votes of conservatives.

Paul, though, has weighed in against Santorum.

He began running a new ad Tuesday that challenges Santorum's claim that he is a conservative on spending issues. It also notes the former senator voted to raise the debt limit five times, and says Santorum supported legislation that created a prescription drug benefit under Medicare.


Associated Press writers Charles Babington and Kasie Hunt contributed to this story.

Associated Press


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to keep your credit history clean | Personal Finance Tips

In times of need it is very likely we will all need to borrow money for one reason or another. Throughout the recession we have all experienced the gut wrenching feeling of being strapped for cash. If you do have bad credit then there are ways that will allow you to borrow money although there are obviously restrictions along with this.

In order to prevent yourself from entering adverse credit then there are certain steps you can take to avoid it at all costs!

  1. Make sure you are monitoring your accounts on a regular basis, it is important to monitor your incoming and outgoing funds. This will allow you to manage your spending in comparison to what you are earning ? from this you can work out how much you intend to borrow and over which period. This kind of managing can allow you to prevent identity theft ? although this is something you would think could never happen to you, it can and does happen and is important you prevent it!
  2. Pay your bills on time to prevent any late payments which could result in late fees which we could all really do without!
  3. At the end of the month make sure you can pay off your credit card bills in full as you don?t want to be carrying over any extra payments to the upcoming months as this could result in a heavier charge which will break the bank balance.
  4. Check your credit report ? Regularly!

If you follow these steps and get yourself into a routine and in the mind frame of checking your credit and you are slowly paying off borrowed amounts then this is likely to bring your credit score up.


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Benefits of hepatitis C treatment outweigh costs for patients with advanced disease

Benefits of hepatitis C treatment outweigh costs for patients with advanced disease

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A towering $60,000 bill, a year of fierce, flu-like symptoms and a running risk of depression are among the possible costs of two new hepatitis C treatments. But according to Stanford University health policy researchers, they might be worth it.

Using a computer model of hepatitis C disease ? which accounts for different treatments, outcomes, disease stages and genetics ? a research team led by Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD, found that new triple-therapies for genotype-1 hepatitis C are cost-effective for patients with advanced disease. Their results will be published Feb. 21 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

"With so many simultaneous factors, it's very hard to know what to do," said Shan Liu, a graduate student in management science and engineering in the School of Engineering and lead author of the study. "I think building models is a very eloquent and abstract way to inform difficult policy decisions."

Nearly 4 million people in the United States are infected with genotype-1 hepatitis C ? a virus that attacks the liver, causing swelling, scarring, cancers and the need for transplants. Many of those infected are age 50 or older, meaning they may have long-term infections and could face serious hepatitis C-related diseases. Unlike hepatitis B, there is no vaccine for hepatitis C. Until last summer, hepatitis C treatments were a gamble with many side effects, including anemia, vomiting, hair loss and depression.

"These treatments are very uncomfortable and long ? up to 48 weeks," said Goldhaber-Fiebert, assistant professor of medicine at the School of Medicine. "Many people likened the experience to cancer chemotherapy: hard to undergo if the chance of treatment success is not that high."

With an impending spike in illnesses among the hepatitis-C-infected population in the United States, researchers and physicians have been developing new tests and treatments. For instance, researchers recently identified a specific DNA sequence in the gene that codes an immune response regulator, called IL28b. Different IL28b sequences predict whether treatment will successfully clear the virus.

The latest in a series of improved therapies ? and the focus of the study ? are two new virus-targeting drugs called protease inhibitors, boceprevir (trade name Victrelis) and telaprevir (trade name Incivek).

The drugs, which came out in the summer of 2011, were designed to be taken in conjunction with the standard treatment, which itself is a combination of two drugs, an interferon and an antiviral called ribavirin. While the new triple therapies increase the chances of kicking the virus, they have more severe side effects ? such as full body rash and rectal bleeding ? and boost costs. Boceprevir adds $1,100 per week to the cost of treatment, and telaprevir adds $4,100 per week.

"At the outset, it was not at all clear to me that drugs as expensive as these, which are added onto the standard therapy, would result in sufficient benefits and reduced costs from averted liver cancers and transplants to make them cost-effective," said Goldhaber-Fiebert, who is also a faculty member of Stanford Health Policy at the university's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies.

Goldhaber-Fiebert, Liu and their colleagues wanted to know when or if doctors should prescribe the new treatments. Should doctors prescribe them to all hepatitis C patients? Or, should only patients with advanced disease be treated with the new drugs? With such high costs, the answers could have sweeping impacts on health-care budgets, particularly for public health systems such as the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals where many hepatitis C patients receive care.

To find the answers, they used their model to compare the pros and cons of three treatment strategies: Giving all hepatitis C patients the standard treatment, giving all of them a triple therapy or giving triple therapy only to those patients less likely ? based on their IL-28B gene ? to respond to standard therapy. For each strategy, they examined both of the new triple therapies. They also considered patients with mild and advanced disease.

After intense statistical and simulation analysis, the model showed that the new triple therapies were indeed cost-effective for chronic hepatitis C patients with advanced liver disease. Despite the large price tag and side effects, the new treatments help these patients avoid costly cancers and liver transplants ? as well as allowing them to live longer, higher-quality lives.

For those patients with mild disease, the model indicated that determining their IL-28B genotype is the best next step, before prescribing a treatment.

The closer the threat of severe disease, the more justified treatment costs and risks become, said Goldhaber-Fiebert. "That would be the bottom line."

Though these new drugs may offer relatively desirable options now, both Goldhaber-Fiebert and Liu noted that additional, and perhaps more effective, drugs are already in clinical trials.

"As more and better treatments become available, the decision will continue to evolve, requiring further analysis," Liu said. "Patients and health systems could also benefit from price competition with multiple treatment options available." But ultimately, she added, treatment decisions will remain a private conversation between a doctor and a patient.


Stanford University Medical Center:

Thanks to Stanford University Medical Center for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

This press release has been viewed 29 time(s).


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ERP Outsourcing for Small Businesses | | Article


Outsourcing has often been seen as an option for large companies who want to make savings in times of financial disarray. Despite this, there is a growing trend for smaller business to outsource but for entirely different reasons. When a small business needs certain specialties or skills that it cannot afford on a permanent in-house basis, outsourcing can be the answer.

One of the more popular options for SME?s (small to medium enterprises) is outsourcing the management of an ERP system. This post looks to explore exactly what this means and what the benefits of doing this are.

What is ERP?

ERP systems streamline internal, and sometimes external, communication within a business by having every department operate from a common system with a shared database. This means that information is easily accessed at all levels of a business by whoever needs it. Each department has its own customizable module with which to access the database so sensitive information, such as customer bank details, can still be kept department specific.

The benefits of installing ERP systems are more to do with what they remove than what they add. Having one system throughout a business prevents the need for duplicate documents because data need only be entered into the common database once. This, in turn, means there will be less time wasted translating data from one departments system to another; making report building easier. The systems can incorporate external vendors too, improving efficiency in the supply chain.

While highly efficient, ERP systems can come with some associated costs. ERP software is quite advanced, meaning a business needs a similarly advanced technological infrastructure to support it. ERP systems also require staff that know how to update it and maintain it, training and hiring these people can be expensive.? It is these additional costs that seem to put SMEs off ERP but this is where outsourcing can help.

What is ERP Outsourcing?

ERP outsourcing can be broken down like this:

  • Application Hosting ? The most well-known method of hosting; this is when the businesses ERP software is hosted at a purchased/rented space or resource.
  • Application Management ?This when an external agent is handed the task of managing the ERP software?s updates and patches.
  • Helpdesk Outsourcing ? Fairly self-explanatory, this where any help with an ERP system is delivered via the telephone from an external helpdesk.

By outsourcing the above, the most expensive elements of ERP implementation and maintenance are made more cost effective. In the current economic climate, outsourcing like this has allowed many SMEs to improve efficiency as whilst spending less.

ERP?s do improve efficiency and, in the long run, make companies money by increasing productivity. Outsourcing makes the benefits of ERP available to businesses whatever their size.

Kevin Ball is an SEO executive for Search Laboratory, Leeds, England. Kevin has been writing professional online content since graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Creative Writing.


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Mexico's woman presidential hopeful gains favor in poll (Reuters)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Reuters - Josefina Vazquez Mota, the first female presidential candidate from any of Mexico's three main political parties, is steadily rising in popularity and catching up to frontrunner Enrique Pena Nieto, a poll showed on Monday.


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Environment Concerns Content articles: What exactly is Their own ...

Environmental issues articles could be write-ups regarding the various environment troubles our planet will be facing nowadays. Environmental troubles indicate a thing negative regarding the individual action upon the green technology. You will discover environment along with cultural movements across the world that tackle these complaints by means of activism, education, along with advocacy.

Environmental issues content articles are focused on caffeine costs, environment deterioration, air pollution, reference destruction, and so forth. Through research and also the utilizing the technological technique, a growing number of everyone has a heightened volume of understanding about Dynamics. The multi-disciplinary school review known as environment research has become being reviewed along with educated in various schools worldwide. This research is foundation in working with issues throughout the surroundings.

Environmental issues content articles are largely reviews created from the product of enormous volumes regarding information and they are largely granted in the worldwide, nationwide, along with local amounts govt along with non-government companies. The actual N?t Surroundings Software that has been placed in 1974 will be the biggest kerala tourism honeymoon packages that deals with such issues.

Dealing with environment troubles by means of articles strive for durability in cutting as well as preventing along side it effects upon all sorts. These kind of articles inspire companies the ones to be able to behave jointly to ensure that individuals make use of earth?s sources inside the environmentally friendly boundaries.

Posts with regards to these complaints could be about caffeine costs: global warming, standard fuels, techniques petrol, along with shut down regarding thermohaline blood circulation, worldwide dimming, sea degree go up, along with water acidification. Climate change issues generally concentrates on the ongoing go up with all the normal temperature with all the World?s ocean along with environment. Using standard fuels will also be widespread issues in articles in connection with surroundings.

A few articles about Walmart also focus on conservation. Typical points regarding discussion incorporate species extinction, coral formations bleaching, invasive species, endangered species, pollinator drop, Holocene extinction, along with poaching. Conservation?s primary concentrate is usually to take care of the all around health with all the all-natural entire world that includes biological diversity, environments, along with fisheries.

Air pollution can be another widespread problem that is mentioned in write-ups. Most articles go over mild air pollution, visible air pollution, position origin air pollution, environment noise, along with non-point origin air pollution. Air along with water quality will also be widespread subjects regarding articles upon all sorts.


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Concrete Hump - General Discussion - DIY Chatroom - DIY Home ...

Old Today, 02:43 AM ? #1



Join Date: Feb 2012

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Hi all,

Have a problem where the end bay of my garage floods. I have a drain along the front though it is not big enough to handle heavy rain.

Looking at concreting a hump on the outside to prevent the water, only needs to be a couple inches high.

See photo , I have drilled in some reo bars and tied some across to help with strength.

Any experience out there to help me .


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Warning: The topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death. DOES NOT guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any home improvement task!

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Hi all,

Have a problem where the end bay of my garage floods. I have a drain along the front though it is not big enough to handle heavy rain.

Looking at concreting a hump on the outside to prevent the water, only needs to be a couple inches high.

See photo , I have drilled in some reo bars and tied some across to help with strength.

Any experience out there to help me .


I don't see any photo?
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French drain.

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Sorry cant work out how to attach a photo....

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Originally Posted by Bemurray

Sorry cant work out how to attach a photo....

Try imgur or photobucket for the picture.
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Can you post a picture looking from the garage out across the drive, and same from the top of the drive down to the garage, so you show the slope of it. I would have to say from all appearances, that drain width is either clogged with stone, or too small, if it is not taking on the water from an extreme downpour. A concrete hump is not going to do anything, since the rain when it falls, will still go into the garage. Also, the drive should be sitting lower that the garage slab, so that you do not have water going into it.

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Ayuh,... That drainage grate should be a foot or 2 from the entrance, set into a swale....

I'd reposition that, before pourin' a concrete hump, which will break off, no matter how much rebar ya put in it...

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Is the water pooling up in front of the door and running into the garage? Or is it really landing on the pad and leaking under the door?
I run my slabs so right in front of the door is where the aprin begins. That way any water that lands there will be funneled away from the door.
Poring a hump with there may do more harm then good. The reson being any blowing rain will run down the wall and door, the hump will act as a funnel to direct the water under the door.

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All the best to you and yours, Tom

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Hi thanks for comments. Agree in hindsight the drain is too close... You can see from this photo that it is a steep driveway and if I'd have ramped away from the shed it would've made it even steeper (but maybe a good option compared to water).

Mixed with the end bay being 65mm lower than than the rest of the shed (this was originally an open bay and the shed company said that would weatherproof the enclosed bays.


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That's a shame that the out bouilding was not set up higher and it would have been simple to do at the time.
I few simple and cheap things to do would be to add a swale just above that wall on the left of the picture to direct the water away from the driveway. Then another one from the wall at an angle away from the building.

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Yep, you are funneling all of the water coming down the hill into the shed. I would say, that you need to redo the drive, so that the water goes elsewhere, vs. being directed down to the bottom to pool. You could always sink a couple of storm sewer drains at the bottom, placing it just high enough that the rock does not wash into it, but it would allow storm water to drain.

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