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7 Strategies to Cease "Selling" -| Friends

Sometimes we can all use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old approaches of thinking about promoting that lead us down the wrong path with potential clients.

New Thinking = New Results

Maybe it?s time to take a different approach. Maybe we need to seriously analyze our sales thinking so we can identify why we?re not making more sales. Take a look at the table below and thinkabout your current promoting mindset. How would your promoting behaviors change if you changed your sales thinking?

Traditional Sales Mindset Vs Unlock The Game Mindset

1. Always deliver a strong sales pitch. Vs Stop the sales pitch ? and start a conversation.

2. Your central objective is always to close the sale. Vs Your central goal is always to discover whether you and your potential client are a good fit.

3. When you lose a sale, it?s usually at the end of the sales process. Vs When you lose a sale, it?s usually right at the beginning of the sales process.

4. Rejection is a normal part of promoting. Vs Sales pressure is the only cause of rejection. Rejection should never happen.

5. Keep chasing every potential client until you get a yes or a no. Vs Never chase a potential client ? you?ll only trigger more sales pressure.

6. When a prospect offers objections, challenge and/or counter them. Vs When a potential client offers objections, uncover the truth behind them.

7. If a potential client challenges the value of your product or service, you must defend yourself and explain the value. Vs Never defend yourself or what you have to offer ? it only creates more sales pressure.

Let?s take a closer look at these central Unlock The Game concepts so you can begin to open up your current sales thinking and become more effective in your promoting activities:

1) Quit the sales pitch ? and start a conversation.

When you call someone, avoid making a mini-presentation about yourself, your company, and what you have to offer. Start with an opening conversational phrase that focuses on a specific problem that your product or service solves. If you don?t know what this is, ask your current customers why they purchased your solution. One example of an opening phrase might be, ?I?m just calling to see if you?d be open to some different ideas related to lowering the risk of any computer downtime you may be having in your company?? Notice that you are not pitching your solution with this opening phrase.

2) Your central goal is always to discover whether you and your potential client are a good fit.

Let go of trying to ?close the sale? or ?get the appointment?? and you will discover that you don?t have to take responsibility for moving the sales process forward. If you simply focus your conversation on problems that you can help potential clients solve, and if you don?t jump the gun by trying to move the sales process forward, you will find that potential clients will actually bring you into their buying process.

3) When you lose a sale, it?s usually right at the beginning of the sales process.

If you believe that you lose sales because you make a mistake at the end of the process, take a look back at how you began the relationship. Did you start with a presentation? Did you use traditional sales language like, ?We have a solution that I believe you really need? or ?Others in your industry have bought our solution, so you should consider it as well??

When you use traditional sales language, potential clients can?t help but label you with the negative stereotype of ?salesperson.? This makes it almost impossible for them to relate to you from a position of trust. And if trust isn?t established at the outset, honest communication about the problems they?re trying to solve, and how you might be able to help them, becomes impossible too.

4) Sales pressure is the only cause of rejection. Rejection should never happen.

Rejection happens for only one reason: Something you said, as subtle as it might have been, triggered a defensive reaction from your potential client. Yes, something you said. To eliminate rejection, simply shift your mindset so that you give up the hidden agenda of hoping to make a sale. Instead, everything you say and do should stem from the basic mindset that you are there to help potential clients. This makes you able to ask, ?Would you be open to talking about issues you might be having affecting your business??

5) Never chase a potential client?you?ll only trigger more sales pressure.

?Chasing? potential clients has always been considered normal and necessary, but it?s rooted in the macho selling image that, ?If you don?t keep chasing, it means you?re giving up ? and that means you?re a failure.? This is dead wrong! Instead of chasing potential clients, tell them that you would like to avoid anything that resembles the old cat-and-mouse chasing game by scheduling a time for your next chat.

6) When a potential client offers objections, uncover the truth behind them.

Most traditional sales programs spend a lot of time focusing on ?overcoming objections.? These tactics only put more sales pressure on potential clients and also fail to explore or understand the truth behind what the potential client is saying. When you hear, ?We don?t have the budget,? ?Send me information,? or ?Call me in a few months,? do you think you?re hearing the truth, or do you suspect that these are polite evasions designed to end the conversation?

Rather than trying to counter objections, you can uncover the truth by replying, ?That?s not a problem? ? no matter what clients are ?objecting? to ? and then using gentle, dignified language that invites them to reveal the truth about their situation.

7) Never defend yourself or what you have to offer ? it only creates more sales pressure.

When a potential client says, ?Why should I choose you over your competition?,? your first, instinctive reaction is probably to start defending your product or service because you want to convince them to buy. But what do you think goes through your potential client?s mind at that point?

Something like, ?This ?salesperson? is trying to sell me on why what they have to offer is better, but I hate feeling as if I?m being sold.? Rather than defending yourself, try suggesting that you aren?t going to try to convince them of anything because that would only create sales pressure. Instead, ask them about the key problems that they are trying to solve, and then explore how your product or service might solve those problems ?without ever trying to persuade.. Let potential clients feel that they can choose you without feeling ?sold.?

You too can improve your sales effectiveness if you are open minded and willing to try a new and more natural promoting approach.

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Casino, Golf Course, Skating Rink?All Options at ... - gambler

BOSTON, MA, Jul 24, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) ?
In this day and age of air travel, spending a lot of time at the
airport is part and parcel of the travel experience. Thankfully, as
the wait times have increased ? due to long layovers and
requirements that travelers arrive hours before their scheduled
departure time ? so has the caliber of airports? amenities. Airports
have become a shopper?s delight but have also transformed into
multi-use complexes offering a range of top-notch entertainment and
lifestyle experiences. The editors at, the online
leader in finding and publishing travel deals, have pulled together
their list of Top 10 Layover Airports that offer unique amenities and
services making these airports destinations in and of themselves.

Here are five airports on Top 10 Layover Airports
that offer over-the-top amenities including an in-airport casino,
free movie theaters, golf courses, a skating rink and even a wedding
chapel. Travelers will start to wish they had more time to spend at
these airports!

                    --  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol- Amsterdam, Netherlands - It's only fitting             that one of the world's most memorable cities has one of its most             original airports. Inside the airport, there's a free branch of the             national Rijksmuseum where you can take in art from van Gogh and other             Dutch masters. Those feeling lucky can try their hands at the             in-airport casino for the chance to win big before taking off. If you             want to squeeze more time into seeing Amsterdam, high-speed trains run             downtown frequently. And Schiphol has one of the coolest offerings of             any airport anywhere: a wedding chapel for those wishing to take off             in newly wedded bliss.                           --  Singapore Changi Airport- Singapore - The hyper-organized city-state             naturally boasts one of the best laid out and passenger-friendly             airports in the world. Besides some of the best pre-flight shopping,             the airport offers peaceful gardens complete with koi ponds to soak up             some relaxation before flying, a live butterfly garden with a 20-foot             waterfall, and free movie theaters in two terminals. Those with enough             time before takeoff can take the free two-hour tour of Singapore and             be back in time for boarding.                           --  Munich Airport Centre- Munich, Germany - It's fitting that passengers             transiting or leaving Germany can take advantage themselves of             traditional German hospitality and cultural accoutrements. From the             wurst-filled Airbraeu biergarten to a seasonal traditional             Christmas market complete with an outdoor ice skating rink to the             beautiful, ultra-modern Terminal 2, fliers are treated to the best of             German customs, old and new.                           --  Dubai International Airport - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - With its             ambitious and grandiose plans to make itself a world center, Dubai             boasts an airport that is no exception, rapidly closing in on the             title of world's busiest. Besides having some of the best luxury and             duty-free shopping anywhere -- nearly 50,000 square feet of it -- the             immaculately kept facilities include a gym and pool for a pre-flight             workout, as well as children's play areas, and a tranquil Zen garden             to relieve travel-related stress.                           --  Hong Kong International Airport- Hong Kong - This futuristic airport             sits on an artificial island off of Hong Kong Harbour and features the             world's second-busiest passenger terminal, with amenities befitting             its status. There's the requisite collection of luxury and duty-free             shopping, including Chanel, Prada, and other couture lines, as well as             high-end electronics and liquor. Most striking is the SkyCity Nine             Eagles Golf Course, a full 9-hole regulation golf course, where you             can yell "Fore!" before taking off. It's even fully lit for nighttime             golfing. For the athletically inclined, there's iSports, a sports             simulator, where you can play basketball, soccer and auto racing.             There's even an IMAX movie theater, showing immersive hit 2D and 3D             films.                     

In addition to the fabulous shopping, the remaining five airports to
make our list are known for the cultural programs and experiences,
fitness and relaxation retreats, children?s activities and more.
These include: San Francisco International Airport; Incheon Airport
in Seoul, Korea; London Heathrow Airport; Vancouver International
Airport and New York?s John F. Kennedy International Airport. To read
the full details on these airports and complete
list of Top 10 Layover Airports, visit

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Big Ten: PSU can't share in league bowl revenues

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Cease Smoking cigarettes Hypnotherapy ? Can This Work ...

There are downsides to stop smoking cigarettes hypnosis seminars. The hypnotists are inclined to be significantly less skilled than these in a personal apply. There is also an extremely little chance that you are getting scammed, so if you choose to go to one, do your homework prior to registering.
Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy
Despite the reality that hypnosis is a lot more effective than other strategies, specifically with douleur individuals, most folks do not charge it as the most beneficial way to quit cigarette smoking. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which offers with the mental aspects of the cigarette smoking routine, truly aids people to redirect their cognitive designs and assist them quit most successfully.
When we start cigarette smoking we make a conscious option to do it. Extra time it becomes subconscious, no more time about how we search or regardless of whether every person else is doing it, it is just one thing we do, like feeding on and ingesting, it is feels natural. Which is why quitting feels unnatural we can not comprehend not carrying out it.
Alan B. Densky, CH produced the Video clip Hypnosis stop smoking cigarettes plan which helps smokers effortlessly break the routine. He also produced other methods to give up smoking cigarettes utilizing Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP. Go to his Neuro-Vision self improvement hypnosis web site for free hypnosis videos and MP3s.
Perhaps a participant has been pressured to attending by their husband or wife, but they by themselves do not want to give up. They might even purposely fall short to quit, just to ?prove? to their companion that they can not do it, or that treatment does not perform.
Hypnotherapy CDs make it simple to stop smoking forever simply because they split the smoking cigarettes habit in a method that helps obliterate cravings and any wish to smoke. No matter what your determination is for quitting, hypnosis and NLP tends to make it easier to focus your thoughts on these causes, which tends to make you truly feel a powerful urge to give up. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy London CDs remove the compulsion to smoke. Even even though quitting cigarette smoking can be an unsuccessful and agonizing endeavor for some, individuals who make use of hypnotherapy have a far greater price of success simply because it helps make the method much easier. Hypnosis is the most efficient approach for smoke cessation.
A single other constructive aspect of hypnotherapy is that it addresses the 9-tenths component of the routine that is psychological, versus the other methods that just assault the 10 percent element of the behavior that is physical. For this cause, hypnosis has a much greater treatment good results than the previously discussed methods for cigarette smoking cessation. Standard hypnotherapy strategies can supply a 35 percent good results price, while Ericksonian hypnotherapy can provide a fifty% or greater therapy achievement.
The good news is that the human body arrives with a boundless capability for recovery and repairing itself. This regenerating method kicks in correct away. But once more, this is excellent news for the smoker who offers up. Several of my effectively hypnotised customers report there?s a rise to their breathing capability within a week of quitting. In addition, following fifteen a long time of abstinence the lengthy expression cigarette smoker will have the same chance of survival as that of a non smoker. Even so, within the 1st 12 months of stopping you will find excellent enhancements to appear.

There are group hypnosis sessions (seminars), 1 on a single periods, and self hypnosis.
Stop smoking hypnosis london


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Friday, July 20, 2012 - ALAN EVANS TRIO ANNOUNCES U.S. 'DROP & RUN ...


Alan Evans Trio, featuring soul and jazz veteran Soulive's founding member Alan Evans, kicks off their US Drop & Run tour beginning August 5, 2012, with over 30 stops across the country including Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and more; ending in Florida for Bear Creek Festival.

Alan Evans Trio recently released their new album Drop Hop (Royal Family Records), now available digitally and on vinyl around the globe, and in select retail outlets. As Alan Evans Trio, members Danny Mayer (On the Spot Trio) on guitar, and Beau Sasser (Melvin Sparks Band, Akashic Record) on organ, together with Alan Evans, share an energetic on-stage chemistry, a love for album recording, and for taking their music out on the road.

"I'm really happy that I've been able to turn my connections with Beau and Danny into fully realized dream. For awhile, I was contemplating starting a new band to do something different. I had been playing with Beau regularly at Bishop's Lounge, a local spot in Northampton, MA, and had also just worked with Danny on his last album with OTS. This is when it all started to come together for me. Danny was straight killin it, playing guitar exactly the way I would. I knew that Danny and Beau together would be scary," says Alan about how AE3 started.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, July 5, 2012. For more information, visit or

Sun 8/5/2012 Norwalk, CT - Sono Arts Celebration
Tues 8/21/2012 Los Angeles, CA - The Mint
Wed 8/22/2012 Santa Cruz, CA - Moe's Alley
Thurs 8/23/2012 Crystal Bay, NV - Red Room at Crystal Bay Club
Fri 8/24/2012 San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar
Sat 8/25/2012 Arcata, CA - Jambalaya
Sun 8/26/2012 Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
Tues 8/28/2012 Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
Wed 8/29/2012 Ft. Collins, CO - Hodis
Thurs 8/30/2012 Denver, CO - The Other Side
Sat 9/1/2012 Teton Village, WY - Mangy Moose
Tues 9/4/2012 St. Louis, MO - Old Rock House
Wed 9/5/2012 Evanston, IL - SPACE
Thurs 9/6/2012 Columbus, OH - Woodlands Tavern
Fri 9/7/2012 Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
Sat 9/8/2012 Hancock, NY - Catskill Chill Music Festival
Sun 9/9/2012 Fairfield, CT - Fairfield Theatre - Stage One
Wed 9/12/2012 Richmond, VA - Capital Ale House
Thurs 9/13/2012 Wilmington, NC - The Soapbox Laundrolounge
Fri 9/14/2012 Athens, GA - New Earth Music Hall
Sat 9/15/2012 Black Mountain, NC - Pisgah Brewery
Sun 9/16/2012 Virginia Beach, VA - The Jewish Mother
Wed 9/19/2012 Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java
Thurs 9/20/2012 Philadelphia, PA - Milkboy
Fri 9/21/2012 Portland, ME - State Theatre w / SOULIVE
Sun 9/23/2012 Burlington, VT - Nectar's
Tues 9/25/2012 Pawtucket, RI - The Met Cafe
Wed 9/26/2012 Plains, PA - River Street Jazz Cafe
Thurs 9/27/2012 Buffalo, NY - Nietzche's
Fri 9/28/2012 Ithaca, NY - The Haunt
Sat 9/29/2012 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse
Sun 9/30/2012 Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
Sat 11/10/2012 Live Oak, FL - Bear Creek Music Festival


Co-founder, writer and drummer of Soulive for over 15 years, Alan Evans proudly presents his newest creation the Alan Evans Trio; an inspiring and fresh organ trio lineup. Enlisting the support of good friends and talented players Danny Mayer on guitar (On the Spot Trio), and Beau Sasser (Melvin Sparks, Akashic Record) the trio's sound proves hard driving and groovin' with dark funky rhythms and blues lick solos. Alan Evans Trio opens a window into another side - an emotional introspection, as dark as it is powerful. Their passionate progressions emanate an electrified, smoky, 70s-era CTI Records zeitgeist.

Together as the Alan Evans Trio, Alan, Danny and Beau share an energetic on-stage chemistry, a love for album recording, and taking their music out on the road. Armed with an abundance of newly inspired songs, Alan is taking the band on tour across the US, Japan and Europe in support of their debut album Drop Hop, released in April 2012, and now available via iTunes and on vinyl.

Mention the name Alan Evans to a room full of music lovers, and you will get a consensus nod at one of the most celebrated and tenacious drummers in the jazz, funk, and soul scene. A producer, recording engineer, guitarist, percussionist, vocalist and writer, Alan's repertoire of skills have been perfected with more than a decade of dedication.

"I've known for a long time what my purpose is this time around. All I want to do is try to make people happy with what makes me and my family happy... Music," says Alan about his new trio project.

For Alan, the idea of Alan Evans Trio hatched soon after he transitioned from Playonbrother Studios in Hatfield, MA to his own home recording studio. Alan then enlisted the ingenious talent of both Danny Mayer and Beau Sasser for the project.

Alan had met Danny Mayer first as a Soulive fan, but then connected on a musical level when his band, On the Spot Trio (OTS), came out to Playonbrother Studios to record their first album, with Alan at the helm as producer. Alan had played gigs with Beau Sasser for some time, and had a great deal of respect for Beau's masterful proficiency on the organ, and knowledge of the history behind the instrument.

Alan muses of Alan Evans Trio's beginnings, "This is when it all started to come together for me. Danny was straight killin' it, playing guitar exactly the way I would. I knew that Danny and Beau together would be scary." Danny and Beau both consented to a recording session with one another. Alan set up the mastering date, began thinking about a release date, tour, and even began designing the website and logo.

Passionate and inspired, Alan cranked out Drop Hop in a couple of days. He recorded bass, drums, guitar and then emailed Beau and Danny the tune of the day to learn for the session. "It was all coming together so well, I could hear the entire album in my head. I can honestly say, this is the first album I've ever recorded that came out exactly the way I dreamed it."

For more information visit,


Featured video about AE3:

Featured video "Rum Runners" Live in The Studio:

Debut Album Drop Hop Now Available via iTunes:

For media inquires or to schedule an interview, please contact JanaliciousPR
Amee Hamlin |
Franesa Pyle |


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We need family health insurance but we have a very tight budget ...

We need family health insurance but we have a very tight budget?

I need to be able to satisfy my tax obligations and sign up for family health insurance. Which is the cheapest option? I have a wife and two kids.

You can compare quotes from different companies for free at: Usa insurance quotes

You should visit a local agent that works with all the major health insurance companies in your area. The agent can find the best plan for your situation and budget. There is no extra charge using an agent. Of course, just like buying a new car the cheapest won?t be the best.

Be very wary of medical discount cards. They are not regulated by the Department of Insurance nor do the people that sell them need to be licensed. This means you have little recourse when you have problems with the plan. If you are tempted by the low price and claims of ?save up to 80%? be aware that very few doctors actually take these cards. It does you little good if you have to drive 4 hours to find a doctor that will accept the card. Montana couldn?t find any doctors in the whole state that actually took the card and only one dentist who was on probation for unlawful activities so they banned the sale of the card and fined the company. See this link for more information. Many other states are starting to ban these cards as well.

Before signing up with any discount plan get a list of doctors. If they won?t give you a list consider it to be a scam. Call the doctors on the list to make sure they?re still taking the card (many don?t even know that they?re listed as a provider) and that they?re accepting new patients.
hello, most travel companys will throw it in for free if u r cheeky. but if not then go to superdrug there the cheapest i have ever found. good luck x
by betotron donMember since:March 06, 2008Total points:30,069 (Level 7)Add Contact
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How To Help Someone Diagnosed With Cancer

Articles from this blog may be reproduced or copied for free with the following statement included somewhere in the text:

Information for this article was found on American Companion Care's blog. - Amy Criger


Enjoy the info and feel free to use any of it,?in exchange for a link back to our blog!?


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Boulder county mental health - HEALTH, BEAUTY & FITNESS

boulder county mental healthMore colloidal silver ought to be taken if going through illness. In case your not accustomed to eating the eco- friendly stuff I must warn you that it may be hot and lead you to create a couple of extra outings towards the bathroom. Ideas to Find Medical Health Insurance Virginia If you? re reading through this short article, it? s obvious that you? re searching to understand much more about medical health insurance in Virginia or looking to get some suggestions in regards to what to search for while buying medical health insurance. Psychiatrists, physiotherapists, registered boulder massage practitioners, Osteopath, Naturopath, Chiropractic specialists, podiatric physician and other kinds county of practitioners all have coverage in lots of supplemental medical health insurance plans. I am using the best I? m able to to mental obtain there soon.? Baucus continues to be relentlessly seeking compromise with Republicans around the would- be bill. s . Source: [ ET] Indian Medical Health Insurance Sell to Grow at CAGR of 26% by 2014 Based on our latest report Flourishing Medical Health Insurance in India, Indian medical health insurance market united signifies one the quickest growing and 2nd biggest non- life insurance coverage segments in the united states. Apollo Munich? s jobs website has lately won the IDMA award for top Corporate Site?. 4. But, returning to regular dog proprietors, fast access to dog health information is essential whenever you care enough to supply notebook computer for the pet. This can fall heavily around the sick and infirm who often need drugs and medical products. Typically, managers work 45 to 50 hrs per week. Medical Health Insurance Options ? Becoming an Intelligent Shopper When you? re searching for medical health insurance, it is possible so eager to find the process over and done with you don? t even evaluate dealing with it just like a regular purchasing experience. Vacationers Medical Health Insurance Making certain Better Healthcare Conditions While Travelling Nothing could be jeopardized if this involves family as well as their health. Your contract should also list everything which aren? t covered inside your medical health insurance coverage ? they are services or products that you need to purchase from your own pocket, in the event you require them. Its importance arises because of our health hectic lifestyle that is affecting a lot more than 1/ 3 rd from the people in this country of the earth. Some essential things are pointed out below. Plus, you can boulder county mental health travel to any licensed dental professional you select. Practices that increase mental health are: Fasting and eating moderately, eating a raw vegetable and health fruit diet, acquiring sufficient sleep to replenish nerve energy, meditation, knowing, energetic exercise, receiving sufficient sunshine, in taking outdoors, being free from harmful toxins, boulder county mental health daily mental exercises, self esteem and self mastery. united health jobs You? ll spend the money for rates in either case, but exactly how the rates are compensated and which kind of coverage of health you have to pay for are direct indications of potential tax breaks.

Related Post Boulder county mental health

Research has proven that individuals with weight problems issues frequently have bad levels of cholesterol within their bloodstreams. Therefore, to make sure complete health, 4. Here employee health programs you? ll have the ability to know hospital in kolkata, ambulance in district, hospital in district, medical institute, ambulance Many systems possess a 2 or 3 step process, to make sure maximum effectiveness. Obtaining a policy of person medical health insurance enables someone More exercise, better associates diets, less smoking and fewer stress all lead to some lower rate of weight problems, diabetes and drug or excessive As people who require care, or as family people searching to supply take care of their elders, the most crucial decision is cost. This


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Animal Umbrella Flea Market

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The link To your calendar Is incorrect.

Please contact the calendar administrator And notify them of this Error. If you are the administrator, please make sure you copy And paste the link exactly As it Is displayed On the "getting started" page. Click Here To go To the "getting started" page now.


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Friday, July 6, 2012

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Extreme heat raises climate change questions, concerns

ScienceDaily (July 5, 2012) ? The recent heat wave baking much of the country has prompted many people to ask: Is this due to climate change?

"This is always the million-dollar question, but unfortunately, there's no definitive way to answer it," says Steve Vavrus, a senior scientist in the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "We've experienced extreme heat, drought, floods, wildfires and windstorms throughout history, so in a sense this is nothing unusual. We need time to assess whether this year's set of extreme weather events falls outside of normal variations."

The list of unusual conditions over the past year is long. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), last winter was the fourth-warmest on record in the United States; spring was the warmest since recordkeeping began in 1895; and April marked the end of the warmest 12-month period in U.S. history.

Still, Vavrus says scientists need more information to determine whether global warming is to blame. But he says heat waves like the current one will become more common on a warmer planet as we continue to add greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels.

"I think it's a harbinger of what's to come under greenhouse warming," says Vavrus. "Virtually all climate models simulate more intense and frequent heat waves as the climate warms, and most of the world has experienced increases in extreme heat during the past several decades."

That's not good news for air quality or human health. Tracey Holloway, an associate professor of environmental studies, atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and civil and environmental engineering, says hotter temperatures lead to more ground-level ozone. Breathing ozone can damage lungs and worsen bronchitis, emphysema and asthma, and particulate air pollutants can affect a person's lungs and heart.

"Over the past few weeks, both ozone and particulate matter have increased across much of the country, with the Air Quality Index registering levels deemed 'unhealthy' or 'unhealthy for sensitive groups,'" says Holloway. "In the last week of June, moderate or unhealthy air covered a third to half of the continental U.S."

She says overall air quality typically degrades in hot conditions through a variety of physical and chemical processes.

"Often on the hottest days, we have very stagnant air, so emissions from cars and trucks, power plants and industry, along with natural emissions, have no place to go," she explains. "They hang around near the surface and react in the atmosphere to form ozone and some types of particles."

Holloway says heat-related events such as wildfires add harmful pollutants, and the increasing demand for air conditioning drives up power plant emissions.

In addition to causing respiratory issues, the excess heat poses direct health risks, according to Jonathan Patz, a professor of environmental studies and population health sciences and director of the UW-Madison Global Health Institute.

"Of all natural disasters in the U.S., heat waves have caused the most mortality," he says. "This week's heat wave began relatively early in the summer, and early-season heat waves can be particularly deadly, since we are less adapted to the heat, both physiologically and behaviorally."

Patz participated in a recent study of hospitalizations during heat waves in Milwaukee over a 16-year period.

"We found that risks to people with endocrine diseases such as diabetes, and renal disorders like kidney stones, increase during extreme heat waves," says Patz. "So do attempted suicides."

He says people in certain urban locations are more affected by the heat.

"Individuals who live on top-floor apartments, especially those without air conditioning, are at greater risk," he says. "Locations with more black asphalt roofs and roadways can be hotter than areas with more trees and green-space."

Patz says the health risks are compounded when extreme heat causes or combines with power outages, such as the extensive loss of electricity following intense wind storms that cut across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic last Friday.

"Such events are stark reminders of just how vulnerable we remain to extreme weather events," he says.

Whether these recent risks and impacts are the result of global climate change remains an unresolved question, according to Jack Williams, director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research. But he says there's no doubt that the global climate is changing.

"For the last 40 years of global warming, there is nothing comparable in the instrumental record since about 1880," Williams says. "To find comparable analogs for the amount of warming expected for this century under standard greenhouse gas emission scenarios, you have to go back to the climate changes accompanying the last deglaciation, about 20,000 years ago."

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by University of Wisconsin-Madison. The original article was written by Steve Pomplun.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Volcano Chaos: Search resumes after Tornado crash

A search and recovery operation is due to resume as two Tornado jet crew remain missing after the planes came down off the coast of Scotland.

One member of air crew has died, two others are missing and a fourth is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

The man who died, whose name has not yet been released, was an officer from 15 (Reserve) Squadron, based at RAF Lossiemouth in Moray.

There is "no expectation" of recovering the missing people alive, Group Captain Ian Gale, the station commander at the RAF base, said, after the Tornado GR4s went into the Moray Firth.

The search was called off on Wednesday because of "extremely poor" weather conditions in the area.

Mr Gale said: "The operation will be resumed as a recovery operation as soon as possible, but we must be realistic: given the length of time that has elapsed since the accident, there is no expectation of recovering missing personnel alive. The Royal Air Force is in contact with the next of kin of all those involved."

He added: "Clearly, this incident will be subject to full investigation, and a service inquiry will be led by the Military Aviation Authority.

"It is important that we establish the facts of what happened and it is vital that the investigation is allowed to take its course. But the priority now is to ensure that the families of those involved receive the support they need at this most difficult of times."

The RAF ensign at the entrance to the Lossiemouth base was lowered to half-mast and there were no flights in and out of the base on Wednesday.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "Our thoughts should be with the friends, family and colleagues of those involved. The circumstances still remain uncertain but it's clearly a very serious incident. The investigation is ongoing and more details will be released by the RAF in due course."


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Monday, July 2, 2012

In vitro study identifies potential combination therapy for breast cancer

ScienceDaily (July 2, 2012) ? A study conducted at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) demonstrates an effective combination therapy for breast cancer cells in vitro. The findings, published in the July 2012 issue of Anticancer Research, raise the possibility of using this type of combination therapy for different forms of breast cancer, including those that develop resistance to chemotherapy and other treatments.

The study was led by researchers at the Boston University Cancer Center. Sibaji Sarkar, PhD, adjunct instructor of medicine at BUSM, is the study's corresponding author.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States aside from non-melanoma skin cancer. Breast cancer also is one of the leading causes of cancer death among women of all races and Hispanic origin populations.

Triple negative breast cancer, which accounts for approximately 14 to 20 percent of all breast cancer cases, is a type of the disease that occurs when the cancer cells lack hormone receptors, including the receptor called HER-2, and typically will not respond to hormone and herceptin-based therapies. Triple negative breast cancer occurs more often in African-American women and is considered to be a more aggressive form of the disease with higher rates of recurrence and mortality than other forms of breast cancer.

"Cancer is like a car without brakes. Cell growth speeds up and it doesn't stop," said Sarkar. "When expressed, tumor suppressor genes, which work in a protective way to limit tumor growth, function as the brakes. They are not expressed in most cancers, causing the cancer to grow and potentially metastasize."

A major focus in the area of anti-cancer drug development is to find a way to re-express tumor suppressor genes so that they can help inhibit cancer cell growth. Some tumor suppressor genes are imprinted, meaning that from the two genes inherited from the mother and father, only one of the genes is functional. In cancer, both imprinted tumor suppressor genes may become non-functional and unable to stop tumor growth.

The researchers tested, in vitro, a combination therapy of an epigenetic drug with a protease inhibitor on breast cancer cell lines that are hormone responsive and breast cancer lines, like triple negative, that are not hormone responsive. They utilized histone deacetylases inhibitors (HDACi) and calpeptin, which inhibits calpain, a protein involved in the regulation of signaling proteins. Calpain inhibition is being studied as a potential treatment model for blood clots and other neurological diseases.

In this study, they found that the combination therapy both inhibited cell growth and increased cell death in both cancer cell lines by inducing cell cycle arrest and cell death. However, the mechanism of how the combination therapy stops the cells from growing was different. Cells in the hormone responsive line stopped the cell cycle in an earlier phase compared to the non-hormone responsive cells. In the triple negative breast cancer cell line, the inhibitors allowed an imprinted tumor suppressing gene, ARHI, to re-express, which helped stop the growth of the cancer cells and led to cancer cell death.

"The study data demonstrates that HDACi's bring back the brakes of the car, halting cell growth and promoting cell death," added Sarkar, who also is a faculty member at the Genome Science Institute at Boston University. "These results provide a model to investigate the re-expression of tumor suppressor genes, including imprinted genes, in many forms of breast cancer."

This study needs further investigation but raises the possibility of using this type of combination therapy for diverse types of breast cancers including those that are hormone refractory and develop drug resistance to conventional chemotherapy.

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Journal Reference:

  1. Megan A. Mataga, Shoshana Rosenthal, Sarah Heerboth, Amrita Devalapalli, Shannon Kokolus, Leah R. Evans, Mckenna Longacre, Genevieve Housman And Sibaji Sarkar. Anti-breast Cancer Effects of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Calpain Inhibitor. Anticancer Research, 2012 [link]

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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