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Hockey Training Exercises To Improve Your Game

If you are playing hockey, one of the important things you need to remember is that this game requires speed, skating ability, passing, vision and shooting. ?These are the skills and abilities you need to be proficient at; and you can improve your skills by performing appropriate drills and training exercises. ?There are exercises to help condition your body, and there are also those that will improve you as a hockey player. ?

In performing hockey drills and exercises, one essential guideline to keep in mind is to correctly perform an exercise that is appropriate for you. ?If you are a younger hockey player, it may not be good to perform exercises meant for adult players because of the possibility of getting injured. ?Make sure that you first consult with an expert such as a trainer or your coach to help determine the suitability of your drills. ?

Strength and Conditioning. An exercise program may include about 2-3 different exercises every time. ?There are endless ways of creating variations with an exercise program. One example is to perform lunging with a weight and then pull-ups. ?An improvised tool for strength and conditioning is a weighted sled. Drag the sled forwards, backwards and also sideways. ?

Core Movement Training. ?If you have low-back pain, you will do well by avoiding training your body for appropriate movement. ?If you want dynamic strength, however, it is a must that you train your core. ?Core movement is excellently shown when a player does a slap shot. ?To perform this shot perfectly, ?the player should have enough core movement to suitably generate a torque. This torque is in turn extremely relayed so that power may be created. ?Eventually, the created power will be released to the stick down to the puck in order to produce velocity. ?The player needs a core power suitable in creating the initial torque. ?Also, the torque also requires that the shoulder and the back are strong and stabilized. ?When a player trains his core to move, the strength of the lower back area is stabilized and the dynamic power likewise improves. ?

Off-ice training. This is especially useful during the off-season. A player may sprint in order to deal with various imbalances brought about by skating. ?The player may concentrate on doing short sprints during off-season.

Lower Body Movement. You can correct muscular imbalances also by performing full-range movement training. Skating puts a lot of stress in the legs due to partial motion range. ?These imbalances, if corrected, will help make a player's knee joints a lot healthier, Skating power will also be improved. ?

Speed Skater Single leg Squats. Perform this exercise as you do a normal single leg squat, but with your back leg on elevation. ?This elevation will add half rep during the movement course. ?The knee should be lowered on the floor, and then raised up halfway. When halfway up, lower the knee back to the floor again and start going up. ?

Explosive Training. ?Training similarly each time for every workout can be dull and boring. ?You will need to add certain spice and interest to your training by adding explosive methods. For example, you can put together a traditional training with an explosive exercise. This way, additional fiber muscles will be stimulated.?

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Mechanical and Electrical Safety Concerns in Home Improvement

Many people do not learn how important safety is until they get hurt doing a home-improvement project. Working at home, especially alone, could lead to potentially fatal accidents that could otherwise be avoided. As you may have guessed, people usually fall off of something if they sustain an injury. Another way that people sustain following injuries is going on the roof to lay shingles and falling quite a distance.

If you must climb up a ladder to do a repair, safety precautions must be taken or you may fall. A ladder must be situated appropriately and secured before ever using it. Many accidents are easy to prevent, and we will cover a few things to help you stay safe.

Whenever doing home improvements, you must think about safety. Every year there are all too many people who get hurt in falls and accidents while doing the simplest of tasks around the house. Safety precautions, no matter how tedious they may seem are a necessary step when it comes to home improvement. When working with power tools, extra precautions should be taken when changing out parts or pieces, be sure to unplug the tool before making any changes to the tool. This little safety tip is often over looked by many do it yourselfers. Extra care should always be taken around circular saws. Unused circular saws safety tip: Use a piece of garden hose to cover an unused saw blade. Cut the hose open and then wrap the saw?s blade with the hose. You can find the names of many companies by searching online who rent scaffold systems for home use. These are very convenient if you have a lot of painting to do. When you have to repaint a ceiling, or high walls, you will discover it?s a lot more convenient to use a scaffold system. If you doubt the convenience of using scaffolding to repaint your ceilings, you will be convinced after painting just one room with a step ladder. Just consider how much faster your work will go if you bite the bullet and simply rent a small scaffolding system. You will consider the money it costs a good investment. You will be able to cover large areas of a ceiling from the scaffold. Castor wheels are a nice touch on several scaffolding units as they make it easy to scoot around the room as you finish each area. So make it a point to find a scaffold unit to rent that includes castor wheels. It will make your job much easier.

Many accidents that involve electricity can be understood because they involve people who don?t know any better. Certainly, there are plenty of things that are actually common sense, but that doesn?t help much after the fact. Make sure any electrical device is unplugged if you intend to do anything to it other than using it for its main function. Always unplug the power cord if you are going to tinker with it in any way. Whether you want to change a drill bit or a saw blade, you always have to unplug the unit. The reason to do this are obvious, but you would be surprised how many accidents take place. So, when working with power tools, take it slowly and be cautious.

By putting safety last, many people end up getting injured when they should not have been. To ensure that less accidents happen every year, more people should be safety oriented.

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On the Coexistence of Family, Motherhood, and Art | SANDBOX ...

One can either have great art or great life

I?ve spent seven years meditating on this statement, and I always arrive at the sameThe Devereauxs conclusion: it is true.?

It is true because great art and great life both require great sacrifice and, ultimately, every artist will choose whether it is her art or her life which will give way to make the other preeminent.

Twenty years ago, I would easily have given my life for the sake of making great art. I never dreamed of getting married, having children, or working a ?real? job. Creating in the rehearsal room and performing on the stage were the only places I felt at home, the only spaces where I felt alive. My purpose and passion were completely fulfilled in producing art.

But at the age of twenty, I made a life-altering decision (which I will share in a later post)

The Devereauxs

Nicole, Michael, and Maren

that led to me getting married a year later. It quickly became clear that I needed to focus on my marriage if I wanted it to last. So I walked off the stage for a then-undetermined amount of time that turned into five years of wondering if I would ever have another artistic opportunity.

I?ve now been married for almost twelve years, have a 3-year-old daughter, and am about to give birth to a second child this summer. And I am confident that the sacrifice I made at the beginning was more than worth it. My husband and I counsel couples every year, and I am constantly reminded that great marriages require great effort. I can honestly now say that if I never stepped on stage again, but succeeded as a wife and mother, then I would have no regrets.

Yet, I am somehow, still, an artist. As a member of Sandbox Theatre, I get to participate in making great art. I personally am not great, but because I work with an ensemble, because I rely on the collaborative efforts of a group of artists, I still receive the reward of producing excellent, original, inspiring art.

And I can do all this because I have a husband who is willing to make sacrifices for me. My husband understands that I don?t need to create and perform, but that I love doing it, with this company, towards these ends. Sandbox, too, makes sacrifices for me. Sandbox, too, understands that art is my joy but my family is my life, and that I am unwilling to give up this great life for the sake of art.

So, perhaps, one could say that I am unusually blessed to have both great art and great life, the seemingly impossible coexistence of incredibly difficult realities. And it does require daily sacrifices on many sides, from many people. But I think that this group effort towards greatness, in life and in art, is what makes both so very beautiful. Neither life nor art was ever intended to exist alone.??

-Nicole Devereaux

Nicole DevereauxA?Sandbox ensemble member since 2010, Nicole is the co-project lead for Sandbox?s 2012 production?Beatnik Giselle.

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Internet Marketing Tips to Grow Any Business Online

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Internet Marketing Tips to Grow Any Business Online. [Valid RSS feed] Category Rss Feed - By : Pete Malcolm zero times read. Submitted 2012-03-29 10:32:03. Internet marketing over the ...

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How to Use PPC Ads to Maximize Revenue - Business - EzineMark

From a webmaster's perspective, PPC ads allow for the creation of a passive form of income, since the ads will continue earning money over time. With this strategy for wealth creation, the webmaster could either choose to focus on the creation of a large number of websites mass produced or the creation of a handful of high-quality websites that will develop a loyal following of readers.

Generally, targeting a niche is more effective and profitable than targeting a general audience because a website that is well-known for a specific topic will be more likely to rank high in the search engines and ad targeting for PPC programs tends to be more accurate with niche websites. Webmasters only want products to be advertised on their websites that have the maximum likelihood to be of interest to the users.

This way, the maximum number of users will click on the ads, leading to the highest revenue possible.

Another secret toward earning a high revenue in a PPC program is to try to target niches that have advertisers that are likely to pay a high amount for each click. Certain niches are simply not as profitable and may need sources of revenue that stand as alternatives to PPC. Those niches that are highly profitable usually have a great deal of competition, since many talented webmasters and content creators are aware of the profitability of the niche.

Another factor that is important to consider with PPC is knowing when not to put up PPC ads. Since most webmasters are eager to start making money, holding off on integrating PPC ads can be difficult. However, websites should mostly avoid using advertisements at all until they have built up a following of visitors and are receiving a lot of inbound links.

Webmasters should also consider how many advertisements they want to put on the website. Some advertising programs only allow websites to put up a certain number of ad units. Webmasters should experiment with different advertisement combinations in order to determine which combination will bring in the most revenue. When a particular ad unit is not making 60% of the top-earning unit, it should either be removed or placed in a different part of the page.

Ad placement plays a role in the profitability of the PPC campaign. Users must be able to see the ad in order to click it and there are certain areas where the user's eyes are likely to rest, maximizing the chances that the user will see and be enticed by the ad.


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programming courses san francisco . Computer Training ...

March 30th, 2012 by harryp191

The trendy market world has changed deliberately within the prior 20 years.The discovery of poor computers has meant that triumph business, no question how small, may at present afford near stray their business consuming a tricky relationship that requires programming to weight loss at supreme efficiency.Constant upgrades also repair of computer systems has led toward the spreading of an urgent give good results beneath IT ? the electronic programmer.Computer programming will certainly span each reverence of IT ? perfectly healthy keeping a web site in the direction of completely reprogramming an complete network system.Consequently, electronic programmers aspire in direction of conveniently revamp their expertise pattern near match the ever-changing technology under which they work.Launching a profession as a programmer should sound in opposition to stick a scary starting at first, notably if a particular only undergo tight are witness to of working using computers, nonetheless within the directly fees a person may color a career as a programmer.

Computer programming courses coach one the ?nuts plus bolts? of programming, in addition to yes, it does need to have education and learning another vocabulary ? C#.This tropical island the world-wide words used because of almost anything equipment programmes, plus once a continue to be fluent beneath C# your creativity string is going to vacation taken all kinds of things circular the world.However, the vast majority crucial idea with creating a discipline as an electronics programmer tropical island in direction of endure what destination understood as ?accreditation? in addition to involving second one particular would like to would like the without delay equipment programming course.One of the most extremely responded additionally universally imagined ?accredited? courses continue being the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS. ASP.

NET) additionally the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD. World wide web Developer) certifications.In both cases, these programming backdrop need to have the C# movement language additionally will release just one toward the simple gift important to 2nd a discipline within component programming.The MCPD certification tune extends in direction of structure interactive, data-driven web-based applications ? wheel of the fastest proliferation areas of IT technology.All bidding process continue to be these days realising that an cyberspace everyday life isle immediate if they keep closer to compete less than an overseas market, and male seemingly developers keep on being incredibly prized in addition to really well paid.

Once an individual proceed through attained MCTS or MCPD accreditation, you could think towards acquire conscious in the direction of ?40k a time of year under experience.? The amazing tactic on the way to purchase these especially sought as soon as backdrop tropical isle in the direction of have a ?distance? knowledge programme with an accredited IT natural talent provider.Look indicative providers lord travel the Microsoft Gold Standard accreditation plus may source an individual a versatile observe that enables one near examine although you continue in opposition to perspire using your topical job.Alternatively, dialog towards your employer additionally explaining in the direction of them that just one keep on being wishing for associated with sector direction by gaining accreditation as a programmer tropical island a sensible method in opposition to find money sponsorship toward entire the course, expressly if your employer uses Microsoft systems.Distance instruction provides you according to everything the items just one will need when it comes to overall your MCTS or MCPD certificates, combined below some classroom based education and learning sessions at distinctive restaurant through the country.

You produce on the way to analysis at your maintain pulse also beneath the entire perpetuate of tutors furthermore other students in addition to it will probably reside a really less distressing method of re-entering the instruction device compared in the direction of obtaining a scholar student course.Programming courses remain often done in surrounding twelve months, furthermore once an endure reached your certification a person definitely will therefore go walking into the future in opposition to specialise using targeted areas of programming such as apparently tendency or systems programming.In a popular market that relies subsequently heavily forward little technology, programming courses keep on being the easiest tactic towards commence a discipline that offers 1 plenty of difficulties in addition opportunities across the globe.

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Free Pets to Good Home ? Blog Archive ? Bird Baths Attract Birds To ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]If you wish to add one other dimension to your backyard, then think about putting in a birdbath as a result of it would appeal to quite a lot of Mansory USA different birds that can entertain you with their playful antics in the water ...


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What You Should Understand Regarding Tension Management ...

The world is changing everyday, and one of the leading problems is increased stress, prompting the need for stress management courses. You can order these online from reputable dealers and also ask your employer if they will get you one. This article is designed to inform you about the pluses and minuses of many stress management courses out there.

When you take a course to deal with how you manage stress, you will learn to replace your aggressiveness, with simply being assertive, in your communication skills. Realistically, you can only handle so much before becoming stressed, so don?t fall into the trap of taking someone else?s responsibilities because you can?t say "no". By hiding their true feels, they will bottle up whatever is bothering them. A sure way of getting unhealthy, or have fits of anger, is to let the stress accumulate until it builds up to the point of being unable to handle any longer.

Essi Systems? Online Stress Mastery is a stress management course that offers a variety of proven tools to help people overcome stress. To have more content and productive employees, by reducing the impact of stress on their lives, is the basic reason this program has been designed for companies. To see if its methods are working, is what this innovative program by Essi Systems, allows you to do, because it is able to measure the progress being made.

On the internet or near where you live, you can find a support group that can give you the same advantages the stress management program gives, without having to pay for it. Since stress is such a common problem, and there are support groups for just about every other problem, you should be able to find a group dealing with stress, also. One of your stresses might be meeting new people, so start with a forum on the internet. Different skills can be learned for coping with your stress by meeting with people who share similar concerns. When you are stressed out, it can make a very big difference just to have someone who is on your side.

The problems of stress are addressed in many programs, some of which can be purchased through Nightingale Conant, a company that sells programs online for self-development. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, and other self-help gurus have a number of courses on their website, that could be of help to those under stress. Any course that teaches you how to relax, such as those about success, or spirituality, will help you deal with stress issues, even though that isn?t their main focus. To listen to a program, and then be able to listen over an over, is a big plus with these programs. You may want to look over their website and find out if they have any stress management courses that interest you. Recognizing what is stressing you out, and dealing with it, is undoubtedly feasible when using the right stress management courses and techniques. People that are stressed at home, or at their job, will simply be less productive and can also have life threatening health issues. Handling the stress that you constantly feel is definitely possible if you go through a stress management course.

If you actually want to beat tension, then pay attention to your favorite songs. When you wear some headphones, it will help you forget the outside world when you unwind. Why not try it right now?

To speedily and effortlessly acquire the most wonderful Earbuds from Shure for your new music hearing enjoyment, please check out the beneficial Shure Headphones internet site immediately.


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Improve Your Home, Improve Your Quality of Life by ...

Live The Best Life You Can When You Improve Your Home

Your home has an effect on how you are feeling every day. The home is where the majority of your time is spent. If you are self-employed and have your home business based there, you spend even more time in the house. The comforts contained in your home will influence your life in many ways. If you make your house into a place where you can escape from your daily stresses, your mental well-being will be improved. The advice in the following article will show you how to easily turn your home into an oasis that you will never want to leave.

Aim to make your living space a comfortable area that you are happy to spend time in. Try to fix any minor flaws that can cause irritation. Don?t wave off imperfections that prevent you from feeling great about your home. Comfort is really important. Elements like uncomfortable furniture and fixtures can be annoying on a daily basis. It is best that they are replaced to make a difference in the overall comfort of your home.

Add on to your home. Being confined in the living area will prevent you from adequately rearranging the space. Making more room will alleviate this issue. You can make a room feel bigger and free of clutter if you add a few more feet of space to it.

By adding water features, such as pools and hot tubs, you can increase the fun in your home and create a great selling feature. Other smaller additions such as basketball hoops or exercise equipment can also be quite welcome. Adding a recreational feature will improve your quality of life; it will also earn returns on your investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Because it is taken for granted, lighting is often the last thing people consider when improving their homes. New light fixtures can add an instant update to your home, making it feel fresh and new.

Dust off the old gardening tools, and get ready to work! Putting in the effort to make your backyard into a gorgeous garden will leave you wanting to spend a little more time at home. Those who don?t have a green thumb can always consider consulting a gardener to turn your yard into a green paradise. It does not matter who does the job; when your garden is finished, you will have a peaceful getaway at your very own home. Plus, a garden improves the air quality around your home. Your garden can be very beneficial to your home. Vegetables and herbs can make your cooking delicious, and flowers can make your home beautiful.

An exterior remodel is a great investment in your home. You can do this by fixing your roof or replacing old windows. Repainting your house can also make it more attractive. You will be happy with the way the outside of your home looks.

When you like the way your home looks and feels, it makes you happy every time you are there. For this reason, doing home improvements is not only a value-building, financial investment, but also an investment in bettering your overall well-being.

For knowledge concerning best usb 2.0, visit Marilyn H Denetclaw?s web page without delay.

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About Author

Author: SavitzBroden446

This author has published 231 articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.

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Paid Surveys Can Earn You Money ? Free Article Directory ? Best ...

If you need some extra cash but don?t have the time or electricity to get a second employment, you might want to look into encuestas por internet pagadas online. Yes, yes its true. There are companies prepared to pay you simply for providing your honest viewpoint about a product or service.

Finishing online surveys can be a great way of earning money for several reasons. One of the biggest advantages of survey software is convenience. It is possible to complete the questionnaires on any pc that has internet access. Because of this you can work out of your study, your patio swing, or even your chosen book store or perhaps coffeehouse.
Another advantage is flexibility. The paid surveys are certainly not ?due? at any specified time, so you are able to take them when it is hassle-free for you to do so. Get surveys during your a . m . commute (as long as another person is driving) as well as after the kids are during sex. It?s nice without needing to punch a time clock
Although you surely want to put some thought into the solutions you give and to end up being as honest as is possible, completing these studies is not exactly too difficult. Many people find it an easy task to multitask while undertaking them, answering inquiries while listening to a nearby news or speak to a friend on the phone.
Still, another advantage regarding taking online surveys is that it can be fun to offer your current opinion, especially when you already know that your responses could possibly help companies form their policies, merchandise or, services. Picture, the ten minutes you?re taking now to answer several questions could affect a multitude of future customers.
Of course, for most people the best part in relation to taking paid surveys will be the money. The rate regarding pay varies with regards to the length and intricacy of the surveys, but most companies offer all-around a dollar or a couple for your efforts. True, you probably won?t become an uniform at those charges, but if you take less than 6 surveys a day you will amass over a hundred dollars by the end of the month. That can cover some tanks of fuel, an utility bill, or even a fun evening out out and about with your significant other.
Prior to deciding to actually spend time taking surveys, though, do your homework. Services or products other Internet endeavor, you?re likely to find legitimate offers and scams. The scams are usually the deals that appear to good to be true. If you?re suspicious, type the company?s name into your beloved search engine and see exactly what results come up.
When you?re satisfied how the offer is valid, go on a few moments and read all of the find print so you know exactly what you need to do to generate money. Watch out for stipulations restraining the amount of surveys you can take per month, for example.
If you are diligent about finding the best employers, and if you?re willing to devote a few hours each day to encuestas por internet pagadas, you will discover this fun activity may earn you some actual money.

For more information about encuestas por internet pagadas visit our website.


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Exclusive CEO Interview: Michael Dell of Dell Computers | Alister ...

A man with a dream, a vision, and an uncanny ability to innovate through technology. Michael Dell is the man behind Dell, one of the most profitable computer companies in the world.

Michael skipped his college education and started the company in 1984 with $1000 in his pocket and an extreme passion for gadgetry. Mr.Dell took some time with us to reflect on his strategies for success, his thoughts on implementing a sound economy, and the key characteristic that marks you as an Entrepreneur for life.

Alister & Paine: You, along with many other notable entrepreneurs, opted to leave college to pursue your business idea. What inspired you to take that risk and why couldn?t it wait?

Michael Dell:?When I was 19, I saw what I thought was a huge opportunity to change the way personal computers were made and sold. I didn?t have an epiphany?the idea was cultivated over time.

In high school I purchased and took apart one of the very first IBM PCs. I made two interesting discoveries: 1) none of the parts were made by IBM 2) the system that retailed for $3,000 actually cost IBM about $600. I immediately saw this as an opportunity. I started upgrading my own systems, using the same components as IBM, and selling them. The idea grew from there.

Alister & Paine:?What obstacles did you face,?and how did you overcome them, while building your business?

Michael Dell:?We grew about 80 percent a year the first eight years of our business and 60 percent the following six years. Scaling our operations and our team to keep pace with that kind of growth was by far the biggest challenge for us in the early days. Fortunately, there were a lot of really smart people looking to join a high-risk, high-reward venture like ours?and we were always hiring!

Alister & Paine:?Technology changes at lightning speed by its very nature. How is Dell keeping pace, particularly in the mobility and cloud computing space?

Michael Dell:?You?re right, new technologies and trends?like cloud computing, mobile, and consumerization of IT?continue to change our industry every day. The good news for us is, with each breakthrough, IT becomes even more embedded in business and in life. It?s increasingly the way people connect, products and services are delivered, valuable data is stored and shared, business is done.

For business and organizational customers in particular, the spotlight has shifted from the latest, greatest device to how IT can help them solve problems and achieve their goals. This has fundamentally changed our business strategy, compelling us to evolve well beyond PCs and devices to address the end-to-end IT needs of our customers around the world. We?re a very different Dell today with skills and capabilities in services, data management and security, software and peripherals, cloud and mobile solutions, networking and end user computing.

Alister & Paine:?The competition to win and retain consumer business is tough. How is Dell doing and where are you focusing your efforts for the future?

Michael Dell:?Today, roughly 80 percent of our business is with businesses and public-sector organizations. Ninety-five percent of all Fortune 500 companies and 100 percent of G20 governments are Dell customers. While we have a strong consumer presence and will continue to compete in that space, it?s important to focus and commercial is where we expect most of our growth will come from.

Ours is a $3?trillion?industry and only about $250 billion of it is consumer. We?re laser-focused on the $2.75 trillion opportunity that is commercial. So you?ll see us not only providing devices that generate consumer and enterprise data, but the technology infrastructure that supports, manages, connects and secures it, too.

Alister & Paine:?You recently described Dell as a serial acquirer. Can you give us some insight into your thoughts on Intellectual Property and how it fits into your business strategy?

Michael Dell:?IP, acquired or organically developed, is a fundamental part of our long-term growth strategy. We?ve acquired about a dozen companies in the last two years. Each acquisition introduced important innovations and expertise into the Dell family that enabled our end-to-end solutions strategy. But we?re also investing in organic innovation. In 2011 we committed $1 billion to R&D. In less than a year, we?ve opened 12 enterprise solutions and cloud centers around the world, with more to come.

These investments mean we now have some of the best storage, security, networking and cloud capabilities around, and we?re addressing the spectrum of IT requirements, from the data center to the desktop and out to the mobile endpoint.

Alister & Paine:?After nearly 28-years of leading Dell, what inspires you to keep at it?

The inspiration initially was my own curiosity about technology and what it could do for people. But I had a sense of urgency about it in 1984. Like all windows of opportunity, they eventually close.

Michael Dell:?I?ve always been inspired by technology.?I remember as a kid being fascinated by my dad?s adding machine. I could type in an equation and out came the answer. It did the tactical work while I thought up the next complex problem for it to solve.

That?s still how I look at technology: as a tool for solving a lot of the big challenges in the world. Just think about all the opportunities in the world around energy, health care, education and solving the unsolved problems in science. More often than not, a computational problem is at the heart of it. Today?s IT, just like my dad?s adding machine, is all about solving those problems. It?s exciting and inspiring to lead a company that is delivering the solutions enabling those discoveries.

Alister & Paine:?What changes, if any, do you think America?s next President should implement to restore a sound economy?

Michael Dell:?The reality is that emerging countries have fundamentally altered the value proposition of North America. These countries have highly skilled workers, growing economies, and they are aggressively competing to lure foreign businesses and the jobs they create. A truly global economy means incumbent world leaders are losing their economic development advantage.

Our government must adapt and that requires a long-term approach to education and competitiveness.?Traditionally, politicians don?t look much past the next election cycle. That must change?the risks to our country?s economic health are too great.

Alister & Paine:?What one character trait do you think a person must possess to be a great entrepreneur?

Michael Dell: Curiosity. Without it, human potential is finite; but with it, anything?s possible.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EA's Hilleman: Great Gaming Crash was a necessary act of ?creative ...

Tue, Mar 27, 2012 | 01:35 BST

EA chief creative director Richard Hilleman has said the great crash which nearly killed the console industry was just the shake up gaming needed.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Hilleman said the crash would be better called ?the Atari 2600 crash? because both computer games and arcades continued to perform well even as retailers dumped home console stock in terror.

?The 2600 crash, from my perspective, was a good example of creative destruction, and anybody who?s spent any time reading about Atari at that time recognizes that they needed some creative destruction; they clearly were not the right custodians of a great new business,? he said.

Hilleman said he believed the crash had two major effects, both of which are still felt today.

?When the business went away, it did a couple things. It scared the crap out of an entire generation of retailers. It changed the behavior of our retailers toward the way they took product, and the way that they took risk, and I think the consolidation at the top of the chart is an example of that expression and its long-term influence,? he explained.

?But the other thing that happened was it went away, and it left a hole and the hole got filled by computer games, and those computer games were really different in form,? he added.

?2600 games were, almost without exception ? maybe Star Raiders being the sole exception ? they were essentially 90 second arcade experiences. There was no changing of the form; there was no changing of the granularity, no changing of the expectations

?Computer games did all that innovation. And some of it was because they had writable, local media, some of it was because they were pirateable. But I think the decline and demise of the 2600 market was absolutely necessary, or actually we would?ve died as a fad.?

Console gaming would not climb out of the pit Atari had dug (and notoriously filled with copies of the utterly dire E.T.) until Nintendo bravely introduced the NES, paving the way for an almost mainstream acceptance of gaming on all platforms. Thanks for holding the torch in the interim, old school PC gamers.

Hilleman has been with EA from its earliest successes and has plenty of insight into the industry?s past and its future; the full article through the Gamasutra link above is a long but enlightening read.


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Five-rocket science mission launched at last

At almost literally the last minute, NASA launched five suborbital sounding rockets early Tuesday on a mission to study high-level jet stream winds by creating artificial glowing clouds near the edge of space.

After several delays, the rockets started blasting off from their pads in Virginia just before the close of the day's scheduled launch window at 5 a.m. ET. The launches were held up until the very end by concerns about winds as well as boats that had strayed into the restricted range zone. But all the conditions turned "green" just in time for liftoff.

Each of the five unmanned rockets released a chemical tracer into the jet stream winds more than 60 miles up, creating milky white trails in the nighttime sky. Observers along the U.S. East Coast, from Massachusetts to North Carolina, reported seeing the high-altitude streaks at the edge of space, NASA said.

The mission, which is called the Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment, or ATREX for short, had been on hold since the night of the first launch attempt on March 15.

That night, radio frequency interference on one of the five rockets precluded a launch. Since then, unfavorable weather has been the main problem.

The rockets were launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, which is located along the Mid-Atlantic coastline at Wallops Island, Va. [Photos: NASA's ATREX Rocket Barrage Mission]

In addition to the launch site, NASA set up cameras to photograph the rockets' luminous vapor trails from two other locations: the Rutgers Marine Field Station in Tuckerton, N.J., and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Duck, N.C. Clear skies at all three locations were essential for the mission to go forward.

Chemical tracers
Each rocket ejected a chemical tracer called trimethyl aluminum (TMA), which was illuminated at high altitudes by the sun, even though it was below the local horizon at ground level.

Trimethyl aluminum is an organometallic compound that is liquid at room temperature. Though nontoxic, TMA is dangerous because it can ignite spontaneously.

In rockets, the chemical is kept under pressure. At the very low pressures of the Earth?s upper atmosphere, some of the released TMA evaporates, but the rest freezes into solid particles. At an altitude of roughly 62 miles (100 kilometers), heating by friction causes further evaporation, and the particles shine in part by a chemiluminous process.

In several cases, scientists expected bluish-white clouds to be created, resulting from the chemical reaction of TMA with atomic oxygen in the atmosphere to produce molecules of aluminum oxide. At the high altitude where the TMA is released, the molecules are directly illuminated by sunlight, which excites them and causes them to glow.

What do we learn?
Using time-lapse photography from the New Jersey and North Carolina sites, the drift of the cloud trails can be accurately determined, indicating the direction and speed of the winds at these high altitudes.

Such winds continually transfer heat and matter from the Earth?s sunlit hemisphere around to its dark side. In addition, the rate of diffusion of the trails will give scientists an idea of how fast the TMA that was deposited will disappear.

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    1. Finding life on Mars: Been there, done that?

      Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: NASA's next Mars mission could conceivably confirm the Viking probe's controversial findings about Red Planet life, one of the Viking mission's veterans says.

    2. One last show for Venus, Jupiter and moon
    3. Get a peek at space cargo ship orbiting Earth
    4. Two small asteroids zip by Earth

The rate of diffusion is inversely proportional to the density of the air which decreases in height. With this in mind, the cloud trails and puffs that are released at higher altitudes will likely appear wider and larger, and should expand much faster than those trails that are released at lower altitudes.

If you snap an amazing photo of the glowing clouds released by NASA's ATREX rockets, or any other sky object, and would like to share them with for a story or gallery, please contact managing editor Tariq Malik at:

This report was updated by Joe Rao serves as an instructor and guest lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium. He writes about astronomy for The New York Times and other publications, and he is also an on-camera meteorologist for News 12 Westchester, N.Y.

? 2012 All rights reserved. More from


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Iran nuclear talks likely next month: diplomats

[ [ [['Afghan security forces and police killed three', 3]], '', '[Related: Bales\' wife on his alleged shooting: \'He would not do that\']', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['looking for fireworks between the opposing camps', 16]], '', '[RELATED:\?It?s going to be a circus\?: Activists begin protests outside Supreme Court]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 8]], '', '[RELATED: Obama\?s health care law passed 2 years ago, but where are we now\?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 12]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '450', ' ', 'Reuters/Jonathan Ernst', ], [ [['associated with such a small earthquake', 4]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger', ], [ [['Fox News host Geraldo Rivera sparked outrage', 3]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['The charges signed against Bales include', 1]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '512', ' ', 'AP Photo/DVIDS\, Spc\. Ryan Hallock\, File', ], [ [['George Zimmerman, if I had a son', 6]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10], ['prosecutor Francois Molins', 5]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['opportunity to tell the real story', 7]], '28731764', '0' ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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Video: Wife: Shooter ?loves children?

U.S. officials paid $50,000 to the Afghan families of the dead. Meantime, Karilyn Bales tells Today?s Matt Lauer that her husband ?is like a big kid.? NBC?s John Yang reports.

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Video: Father ?desperate? for news of missing Calif. teen

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BMW recalls 1.3 million cars worldwide

BMW AG, the world's largest premium carmaker, is recalling about 1.3 million cars for repair worldwide due to a possible problem with a battery cable cover in the trunk, the carmaker said on Monday.

The recall affects 5- and 6-Series BMWs built between 2003 and 2010, BMW said in a statement.

"In some remote cases, the battery cable cover inside the boot of these vehicles may be incorrectly mounted," it said. In some European countries, the trunk is called the car's boot.

"This can result in the electrical system malfunctioning, the vehicle failing to start and, in some cases, to charring or fire," the company said, adding it was not aware of any accidents or injuries to people due to the problem.

Fewer than 1 percent of the cars BMW has so far inspected for the issue have exhibited the problem, a BMW spokesman said. So far, the spokesman said, there have been no reports of fires.

BMW said it was writing to car owners. The repair procedure in a BMW partner workshop would take about 30 minutes to an hour and would be free of charge to customers, it added.

The recall affects about 368,000 cars in the United States and about 293,000 cars in Germany, BMW said. Another 109,000 cars are subject to the recall in Britain and about 102,000 in China, BMW said.

Copyright 2012 Thomson Reuters. Click for restrictions.


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Santorum Calls Romney 'Worst Republican' to Face Obama

[ [ [['Witnesses said the gunman pulled up on a black scooter', 7]], '', '[Related: New York police tighten security at Jewish sites]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['test Zimmerman for alcohol or drugs', 11]], '', '[Related: White House says Trayvon Martin is local issue]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 12]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '450', ' ', 'Reuters/Jonathan Ernst', ], [ [['associated with such a small earthquake', 4]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger', ], [ [['Fox News host Geraldo Rivera sparked outrage', 3]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['The charges signed against Bales include', 1]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '512', ' ', 'AP Photo/DVIDS\, Spc\. Ryan Hallock\, File', ], [ [['George Zimmerman, if I had a son', 6]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/John Minchillo', ], [ [['Mohamed Merah', 10], ['prosecutor Francois Molins', 5]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier', ], [ [['Shortly after he wrapped up his victory remarks', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['best understands the problems of average Americans', 2]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP Photo/Steven Senne', ], [ [['Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery', 7]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '630', ' ', 'AFP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], '', 'Click image to see more photos', '', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', '' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]


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Bone telescopes from 18th century discovered

Five telescopes made of bone and dating to the 18th century have been discovered in Amsterdam, with two of the scopes found in the equivalent of toilets.

At the time, called the Enlightenment, the telescopes would have been considered luxury items and were likely used to gaze at objects on land or sea, rather than to look at the stars. They were created during a period when Amsterdam was a flourishing center for trade, one that attracted talented craftsmen.

Ranging in length from roughly 3 to 5 inches (80 to 140 millimeters), the telescopes were made using cattle metatarsal bone. "This particular bone of cow, the metatarsal bone, is actually quite straight and round," Marloes Rijkelijkhuizen, of the Amsterdam Archaeological Center at the University of Amsterdam, told LiveScience. "It's a nice shape to make these telescopes from, it's straight and (has a) very round narrow cavity."

Each telescope would have had a pair of lenses ? like the system used by Galileo ? a convex objective and a concave ocular, to magnify objects. (Two of the telescopes have at least one lens intact.) The longest of the telescopes, which had both lenses intact, is made of two parts put together with a screw thread, and was equipped with a bone insertion that has a small hole and likely functioned as an aperture stop.

With a magnification of about 3, the bone telescopes may have been used as opera glasses, held up by their wealthy owners to get a better view of the stage. Another idea is that someone going to sea, perhaps as a ship passenger, toted these with them.

The telescopes were excavated at different times over the past 40 years by the Office for Monuments and Archaeology in Amsterdam. Details of the findings hadn't been published until now, and, in the case of two of them, were unidentified until several years ago when Rijkelijkhuizen, then a master's degree student, started work on her thesis. She was looking at organic artifacts found in Amsterdam when she came across bone artifacts that would later turn out to be telescopes.

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      Researchers have announced the discovery of a tiny scorpion in Death Valley National Park, an unusual location, they said, since it lies hundreds of miles north of the known habitat of the newfound species' closest relatives.

    2. 'Ninja science' looks at martial arts energy use
    3. James Cameron sees 'another planet' in deepest sea
    4. ?Ghost ship? drifted from Japan to British Columbia

"At first I didn't recognize them either," Rijkelijkhuizen said. Her analysis of the five telescopes is now published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries.

Found in a toilet
When Rijkelijkhuizen looked over the excavation reports she found that two of the telescopes had been discovered in cesspits ? the 18th-century equivalent of a toilet. It's not clear where the other three telescopes would have been originally deposited in the 18th century.

"It's a toilet but it is also like a dump for trash," she said. Why luxury items like these would have been put in toilets is a mystery; perhaps they broke and their owners, despite the cost of producing them, threw them away. Another idea is that their owners lost them.

Rijkelijkhuizen said it's not the first time she's uncovered unusual objects in pits like these. "We find all different kinds of objects in a cesspit, like false teeth, and we think, 'Why?'"

However it happened, it was fortunate for the archaeologists. "Because it was a toilet, and it's a very wet environment, all the objects in it are usually very well preserved," she said.

Ushering in the Enlightenment
The 18th century was a time of great change with new ideas, both scientific and political, being discussed. The telescope, with its ability to let people gaze at the stars, and see objects from a great distance, played a significant role in these changes. It had been invented only a century earlier. [The History of Telescopes]

"The telescope (and later the microscope), were thus two major devices that helped usher in the Enlightenment," writes Geoff Andersen, an astronomer and author, in his book "The Telescope: Its History, Technology and Future" (Princeton University Press, 2007).

"Suddenly, anyone could experience things beyond the range of the unaided human senses, and start questioning conventional wisdom about the universe in which we live."

Although these newly discovered bone telescopes were not the most powerful telescopes of their day, for their owners it would have given them the ability to peer out farther into the horizon.

? 2012 All rights reserved.


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Mo. judge to hear motions in case against bishop

(AP) ? A Jackson County judge was scheduled to consider motions to dismiss a misdemeanor charge against a Roman Catholic bishop in Kansas City who is accused of violating Missouri's mandatory reporter law.

Bishop Robert Finn and the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph were charged last year with failing to report to the Missouri Children's Division hundreds of photos of young children found on the laptop computer of the Rev. Shawn Ratigan, including a series that showed the exposed genitals of a girl believed to be 3 or 4 years old.

Finn is the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic official to be accused of shielding an abusive priest, and a conviction could send shock waves through a church hierarchy unaccustomed to being held legally accountable for failing to report suspected sexual abuse by clergy members.

Finn's attorneys have filed motions to dismiss the charge, saying Missouri's mandatory reporter law is unconstitutionally vague. They also seek to have the case dismissed because they said prosecutors had failed to state an offense committed by the bishop.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said the state Supreme Court already has ruled the mandatory reporter law meets constitutional requirements.

Finn has acknowledged that he was told about the images on Ratigan's computer in December 2010, several months before the diocese turned over a disk containing the photos to local police. The bishop also has acknowledged that a parish principal raised concerns about Ratigan's behavior around children in May 2010, half a year before the photos were found.

Instead of ordering the photos to be turned over to police, or telling the Children's Division about the pictures, Finn sent Ratigan out of state for a psychiatric evaluation. When Ratigan returned to Missouri, Finn sent him to the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist, where he would say Mass for the sisters and be away from children.

The diocese went to police with the photos last may after the church received reports that Ratigan had violated orders from the diocese to stay away from children.

Associated Press


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