Sunday, September 30, 2012

Windows 8 bugs hurt Microsoft, Intel CEO said to tell staff

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Sunday, September 30, 2012
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Has the Maps fiasco shaken your confidence in Apple? Cast your vote in "Today's Poll..." in the left column below or go straight to the results here.

Saturday Highlights: US appeals court sends Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban decision back to lower court endangering Apple's victory?more in our Apple/Macintosh section; interesting analysis over at Fortune ponders the man in charge of Siri and the new Maps: Scott Forstall; Louie Herr of Digital Trends says we haven't learned the lesson from Antennagate with regards to Maps, saying we've overreacted to the ordeal; Andy Ihnatko says Tim Cook's letter to consumers was the "perfect response", but that Apple's mistake was pushing Maps right into the deep end when they should have approached it like they did Siri; meanwhile, Jim Dalrymple believes this is a simple "black eye, nothing more"; curious question arises out of the Maps issue: "should Apple let users select alternate default apps?"; Consumer Reports not too hard on Maps; some ex Apple and NASA engineers make a pricey coffee maker; Jack Purcher analyzes Intel's computing direction toward "transparent computing"; over at TidBITS, Glenn Fleishman probes mysterious cellular data usage occurring on iOS 6 devices; Apple removes "the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever" from Maps description on; InformationWeek's Eric Zeman reviews his iPhone 5 experience, while Mark Crump provides a view of the iPhone 5 from a photographer's perspective, and over at iDownload Blog, Sebastien Page presents a course on B&W iPhone photography.

Friday Highlights: Tim Cook apologizes to customers for Map errors, says Apple doing everything they can to make it better, in the mean time he recommends Bing, Waze, others as alternatives?numerous reports in our Apple/Macintosh, and Op/Ed sections, Jonny Evans believes the message hints that Apple is working to make their mapping service best in the world, not just better; Chris Ciaccia at The Street calls the apology a grand slam saying "no company on Earth...knows how to spin a negative story into good positive vibes better than Apple"; Tim Bajarin says the real reason Apple jettisoned Google Maps had to do with giving valuable customer data to Google, which would help Android; iPhone 5 available for sale in 22 countries starting today; Macworld reviews Parallels Desktop 8, VMware Fusion 5; US Air Force uses iPads saving more than $5 million/year; court in China says Apple must pay $82,000 to encyclopedia company due to App Store piracy; report says iPhone 5 prices are least in United States, most in Italy; ABC News report on TSA official theft of iPad; Sharp says they are not the cause iPhone 5 shortages, pumping out "adequate volumes of display[s]"; TechInsights analysis of A6 chip; Macotakara blog posts mock-up of apparent iPad mini; San Jose Mercury News's Larry Magid reviews iPhone 5, says is "a worthy upgrade, but nothing to get excited about"; however, Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle is "even more sold on it" now that he's tested his iPhone 5 with LTE finding a big difference from pre-LTE iPhones; Mactuts+ shows you how to upgrade RAM in your MacBook Pro; Mac OS X Hints has a tip that could solve WiFi woes on your iPhone, as well as a tip to arrange icons on your Apple TV menu; New York Times's J.D. Biersdorfer answers reader question on asking Siri questions the right way.

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Sat Sep 29
"Windows 8 bugs hurt Microsoft, Intel CEO said to tell staff" Chicago Daily Herald 9:11 AM
  • "Apple vs. Samsung: Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban could be lifted"?Bloomberg News?12:20 PM
  • "Samsung wins reconsideration on Galaxy Tab sales ban in US"?Crave @ CNET?9:02 AM
  • "Sales ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be reconsidered"?Ars Technica?2:50 PM
  • "Apple's Mapping Strategy: Today China. Tomorrow the World"?Forbes?2:34 PM
  • "Apple's Maps Is A Black Eye, Nothing More"?TechCrunch?10:08 AM
  • "Apple seems to have gotten a little bit lost"?CNN?2:34 PM
  • "Apple issues full apology over iOS 6 maps cartastrophe"?Wired UK?12:27 PM
  • "Judging From Apple's Apology, Maps Matter and Nokia Has Maps That Work"?Forbes?8:10 AM
  • "iOS 6 Map Flap: Should Apple Let Users Select Alternate Default Apps?"?Forbes?8:15 AM
  • "Tim Cook: 'So sorry for Apple's crap maps app - try Bing or Nokia'"?The Register?8:59 AM
  • "Apple's excessive work hours progress: tracking 800k, 97% 60-hour work week compliance"?The Next Web?10:31 AM
  • "'Weak' Apple iPhone 5 Sales Are A Glitch"?Seeking Alpha?8:11 AM
  • "Apple sued again, this time over Numbers spreadsheet tech"?Crave @ CNET?9:02 AM
  • "Apple's Cook sorry for Maps errors, suggests rival services"?Reuters?9/28
  • "Apple apologises for Maps switch 'frustration'"?BBC?9/28
  • "Apple Maps Apology: There is no company on Earth that knows how to spin a negative story into good positive vibes better than Apple, and the company did it again on Friday."?TheStreet?9/28
  • "Apple's Tim Cook apologises for iOS 6 Maps in open letter, suggests users try Google, Nokia and other mapping apps"?The Next Web?9/28
  • "Apple CEO 'Extremely Sorry' for IPhone Maps Frustration" [Video Report]?Bloomberg?9/28
  • "Tim Cook Apologizes for Apple's Maps"?New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required]?9/28
  • "Apple CEO Apologizes for Maps App"? [Paid Membership Required]?9/28
  • "Apple CEO: 'We are extremely sorry' for Maps frustration"?CNNMoney?9/28
  • "Tim Cook apologizes for Apple's new Maps app"?Fortune?9/28
  • "Music publisher blocked iPhone 5 music service, report says: Sony/ATV and Apple couldn't agree on licensing fees and that's why we didn't see a Pandora-like music service from Apple, according to a story in the New York Post."?CNET News?9/28
  • "Apple iPad dominates tablet web traffic: An analysis of traffic from tablet computers to more than 1,200 websites found that 98.1 per cent of the traffic came from the Apple iPad."?Telegraph?9/28
  • "Gene Munster: iPhone 5 stockouts in 16 of 20 stores/Only 4 stores in smaller cities had iPhones 5s available for sale, and only for Sprint"?Fortune?9/28
  • "Appeals court sends Galaxy Tab injunction back to trial judge"?Reuters?9/28

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  • "OS X Server: Packet filter rules do not load"?Apple Support?9/28
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  • "AirPlay Mirroring A Killer Feature In Mountain Lion"?MacNews?9/28
Press Releases
  • "Blinq Turns Your PC Or Mac Into A Server For Sharing Photos"?AddictiveTips?9:04 AM
  • "MOTU ships Digital Performer version 8"?Electronista?9/28
  • "OmniGrowl Updated for Growl 2, CaliBrate Also Updated"?prMac?9/28
  • "FCP Editors Go Retro with New Slide Pop Special Effects Package"?prMac?9/28
  • "Report: Apple Maps usage down to four percent"?Electronista?2:35 PM
  • "Original 2007 Google-powered iPhone maps app reportedly built by 2 engineers in 3 weeks"?iMore?8:01 AM
  • "Weekly Wrap: iPhone 5 review, iOS 6 annoyances, and a Tim Cook Maps apology"?Macworld?2:34 PM
  • "Consumer Reports: Apple's Maps App Still Provides a Good Solution for Standard Software"?ModMyi?10:30 AM
  • "Consumer Reports: Actually, Apple's Maps app doesn't suck"?VentureBeat?3:05 PM
  • "U.S. regional carriers undercut major carries with iPhone 5 discounts"?BGR?10:29 AM
  • "Former Apple, NASA Engineers Make $11,111 Coffee Maker"?ABCNews?8:12 AM
  • "Steve Jobs (Action Figure) Returns From the Dead"?PC Magazine?7:31 PM
  • "Artist Creates Sculpture Made Using Steve Jobs' Recycled Trash"?technabob?9:05 AM
  • "Urban Outfitters drops cash registers for Apple's iPad in 400 stores"?AppleInsider?9/28
  • "Apple Launches New App Store Feature Section for Alternative Maps"?MacRumors?9/28
  • "Global iPhone 5 Rollout Continues, Tight Supplies Be Damned"?AllThingsD?9/28
  • "iPhone 5 dials up discount for regional carrier debut: Some smaller carriers will trim $50 off the normal retail price for Apple's next-generation smartphone when they begin selling it tomorrow."?CNET News?9/28
  • "Videos: Queuing up for Apple's iPhone 5 in 22 languages"?Fortune?9/28
  • "The iPhone 5 goes on sale in 22 more countries today"?iDownload Blog?9/28
  • "Apple's iPhone 5 Availability Expands: What It Means To Regional Carriers"?TechCrunch?9/28
  • "Most iPhone 5 Customers Will Buy in Next 6 Months" [Video Report]?Bloomberg?9/28
  • "Survey: Younger Shoppers Increasingly Using Mobiles To Buy And Compare"?TechCrunch?9/28
  • "As Apple says sorry, Google Maps gets a little better"?CNET News?9/28
  • "Apple Clears First Hurdle, Possible iPhone 5 Launch In China Before The Year-End"?Forbes?9/28
  • "iPhone 5 lights up China's gray market"?CNET Asia?9/28
  • "US Air Force Electronic Flight Bag Team fought Windows bureaucracy and deployed iPads?[Video]?9 to 5 Mac?9/28
  • "Thanks to the iPad, The Air Force is Saving More Than $5 Million Per Year"?PadGadget?9/28
  • "Google's Answer to Siri Thinks Ahead: The company's data stockpile and investment in AI means a smartphone helper that answers queries before you even ask them."?Technology Review?9/28
  • "Company Alleges that Apple's 'Numbers' Infringe on Borland Patent"?Patently Apple?9/28
  • "Apple sued over spreadsheet technology"?CNET News?9/28
  • "Chinese court rules Apple must pay over $82K to encyclopedia publisher over App Store piracy"?AppleInsider?9/28
  • "Apple music logo trademark rejected"?TG Daily?9/28
  • "Italians Pay The Most, Americans The Least For iPhone 5"?App Advice?9/28
  • "Apple iPhone 5 proves a hit with V3 readers"?V3?9/28
  • "Need a bit of Bible? There's an app for that"?CNN?9/28
  • "ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer"?ABCNews?9/28
  • "Find My iPad Catches Thieving TSA Officer Red-Handed [Video]?Cult of Mac?9/28
Non-Apple News
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  • "What happens if smartphones become commodities?"?Reuters?7:22 PM
  • "Google rolls out more improvements to its mapping tools following Apple's Maps apology"?Digital Trends?8:04 AM
  • "Neil Young reveals Pono music player, promises 'the best sound anyone can get'"?The Verge?9/28
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  • "Apple no longer calls iOS6 Maps 'the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever'"?9 to 5 Mac?9:04 AM
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Tim Cook's Maps Apology
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The Brains Behind the Eyes on Mars

The Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) on NASA's Curiosity rover, with the Martian landscape in the background. This image of the Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer on NASA's Curiosity rover was taken by Curiosity's Mastcam on the 32nd Martian day of operations on the surface, or Sept. 7, 2012.


Space imaging expert Michael Malin worked at NASA before setting up Malin Space Science Systems, which supplied the Mastcam, Mars Descent Imager, and Mars Hand Lens Imager for the Curiosity rover.

Lisa Grossman: Curiosity landed in Gale Crater, which contains Mount Sharp, in early August and stunning images followed. Any favorites?

Michael Malin: My favorite from the early days is the heat shield view we released as Curiosity descended. I think that will become an iconic image, just as the Saturn V second-stage and trans-stage separations are famous images of the Apollo era.

LG: Beyond aesthetics, what use are the images?

MM: Using MARDI?the Mars Descent Imager, which took photos of the ground below as the rover landed?I've done what I personally wanted, which was to position the rover very accurately. I also want to make a high-definition video of the landing, smoothing out the jerkiness of four frames per second to a smoother 30 frames per second using optical flow techniques. For Mastcam?the twin cameras on the rover's head, about two meters off the ground?my interests are in how the ground got to look the way it does; I'm interested in the processes involved in eroding Mount Sharp.

LG: What can the Mastcam images tell us about how the ground got to look the way it does?

MM: That is the essence of geomorphology. I can't really answer this question in the absence of data, which we have just started to receive. An example might be as follows: We have not yet seen any sand ripples at the place the rover landed, but there are large sand dunes only a few kilometers away. Why aren't there ripples near the rover? Is there no sand moving there, or does it move so quickly it doesn't leave a trace? We don't know but we will keep our eyes open for evidence as we do our research.

LG: What drew you to planetary geology?

MM: Geologists are very lucky: We get to look at beautiful things and figure out how they got to be that beautiful. Such understanding can be used to capture and preserve the beauty for posterity, and to enrich people's enjoyment of these things through better understanding. When I tell people I'm a geologist, they are often full of questions about, and enthusiasm for, what I do. When I tell them I study the geology of Mars, their interest increases. What excites me is solving the mysteries I encounter in how planets work.

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, taken by the rover's Mars. Two combined images showing the three left wheels of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, taken by the rover's Mars Hand Lens Imager during the 34th Martian day of Curiosity's work on Mars, or Sept. 9, 2012


LG: There was originally a plan to install zoom cameras, a project involving film-maker James Cameron. Did you want cinematic footage?

MM: We did not intend to take too many sequences not really oriented towards science or engineering, but if we had flown the zoom-lens cameras, I believe we would have taken some more dramatic, cinematic scenes to illustrate the excitement of Mars exploration. This may still be possible with the cameras that flew, but it will be much harder.

LG: Is there any tension between the scientific and public-engagement uses of the cameras?

MM: I am pleased to have the public excited about my experiments and Mars. But I am not happy with NASA HQ requiring me to put out raw images to the public in near-real time, without commentary or context. I think we can engage the public better.

This article originally appeared in New Scientist.


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Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.1.1 with AOKP Build 3 [How to Install]

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Amy M. FitzPatrick, MS, L.Ac.: You Live in Your Body, Not Your ...

I don't know when it happened, exactly. But at some point in the last few decades, we as a nation, collectively turned over our bodies to doctors and said, "Here, fix this and get back to me when you have it sorted out."

It makes some sense. We need lawyers for legal things. Accountants for the undecipherable tax code, and so on. We outsource complex things to complexity experts. It's a useful division of labor.

But outsourcing your health is not as uniformly advantageous. It works well in complex or emergency situations -- and is the right thing to do in those cases -- but not as well as in the ho-hum of everyday malaise.

And most disease is of the ho-hum variety. It is a slow creep toward a tipping point. Most disease is really quite boring. And that's a good thing -- you never want House to have to fix your health. Most people would have died before the third commercial break.

But this also means that most of disease is in our day-to-day, ho-hum lifestyles. I could quote the statistics -- but we've all seen them. Preventable heart disease, diabetes, lung cancer, etc. -- all the heavy hitters are preventable, or least modifiable... if we'd change our habits.

So why aren't we changing our habits? We seem not to change until we are forced. And even then someone has to enter us into a TV contest and pay us to lose weight.

I am going to tackle this in a few parts. The next issue will be about the limits of science and medicine. But for now, I will focus one on facet of the patient's role.

A useful analogy is your car. If your engine fell clean out of your car, you'd likely hire an expert to put it back. But surely, you fill your car with the right gas, get the oil changed and keep it running all without your car mechanic's sign-off? Your car has a dashboard full of indicators telling when to do all these things -- it's easy.

2012-09-27-IMG00013201009031821.jpg Your body has these indicators, too. But we have coated the dashboard in butter-laden Bolognese pasta, tubs of frosting, and fountains of soda pop. We can't even see the indicator lights anymore -- they are covered in Nutella.

Even if indulgent desserts are not your vice, how many times this week alone have you "pushed through" to make a deadline -- to endure some sort of pain when your body wanted rest -- to appear tougher than you are? We let our speedometer read 145 mph and our engines overheat, then we wonder why our car wouldn't go to sleep when we finally got it home from a 16-hour day?

Whatever we use to cover it up, the fact is that many of us have lost touch with our useful, gently calibrated blinking light dashboards. To compound the issue, biology is actually quite obliging on this point. If you fill your body with sugar every day, your homeostatic balance will reset. This is true of almost every physiological set point. If you are not a sugar eater and you eat a whole chocolate bar, you are going to feel giddy, jumpy, possibly nauseous. But if you do that every day, your body will adjust. You will not feel giddiness anymore -- but the damage to your cells will continue, unbeknownst to you. You have created "tolerance."

Tolerance decreases the sensitivity to the feedback from your body.

If you are suffering from obesity, Type 2 diabetes, stress or any number of diseases that have accumulated slowly, you may not even remember what health feels like. And in that case -- it is plenty difficult to be motivated to change. What are you trying to change to? You are used to how you feel, now. You are tolerant of it.

Last week I talked about numbing out. I believe that this is part of the problem here; we are numb to our own bodies. And in the numbness, we don't get feedback at the right levels anymore, so we turn to doctors and ask them to tell us what the feedback may be. Doctors are here to help you when the problem has outpaced your skills, or has become complex and you need their expert care. They can help put you back on course -- but once you are back on course, how you drive is up to you. And it's worth taking that mantle back.

The good news is this. Just as biology reset your homeostasis in one direction -- you can leverage biology to reset your homeostatic balance in the other direction.

The human body is the most precise instrument on our planet. It puts a Formula 1 Ferrari to shame. Use your health care providers like a pit stop crew, but remember you are the driver. You win the trophy at the end of the race, not the crew.

This issue is obviously more complex than I've outlined here -- and I am happy to talk individually on it and how to reset your homeostasis. But I wanted to scratch the surface of what I think is an enormous problem we face in the West of hoping that there is a pill that will cure everything.

For more by Amy M. FitzPatrick, MS, L.Ac., click here.

For more on personal health, click here.


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FDA warning public of risks of online pharmacies

The Food and Drug Administration is warning U.S. consumers that the vast majority of Internet pharmacies are fraudulent and likely are selling counterfeit drugs that could harm them.

The agency on Friday launched a national campaign, called BeSafeRx, to alert the public to the danger, amid evidence that more people are shopping for their medicine online, looking for savings and convenience.

Instead, they're likely to get fake drugs that are contaminated, are past their expiration date or contain no active ingredient, the wrong amount of active ingredient or even toxic substances such as arsenic and rat poison. They could sicken or kill people, cause them to develop a resistance to their real medicine, cause new side effects or trigger harmful interactions with other medications being taken.

"Our goal is to increase awareness," FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg told The Associated Press, "not to scare people away from online pharmacies. We want them to use appropriate pharmacies."

That means pharmacies that are located in the U.S., are licensed by the pharmacy board in the patient's state and have a licensed pharmacist available to answer questions. In addition, the pharmacy must require a valid doctor's prescription for the medicine. Online drugstores that claim none is needed, or that the site's doctor can write a prescription after the customer answers some questions, are breaking the law.

Research by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which represents the state pharmacy boards, found that of thousands of online pharmacies it reviewed, only about 3 percent follow state and federal laws. In fact, the group's website lists only a few dozen Internet pharmacies that it has verified are legitimate and following the rules.

Most consumers don't know that. An Internet survey, conducted by the FDA in May, questioned 6,090 adults. It found that nearly one in four Internet shoppers has bought prescription drugs online, and nearly three in 10 said they weren't confident they could do so safely.

The campaign comes after some high-profile cases of counterfeit drugs reaching American patients earlier this year.

In February and again in April, the FDA warned doctors and cancer clinics around the country that it had determined they had bought fake Avastin, a pricey injectable cancer medicine, from a "gray market" wholesaler. The fake Avastin vials originated in Asia or Eastern Europe and were transferred through a network of shady wholesalers before being sold to clinics by a wholesaler claiming to be in Montana.

In another case, the FDA issued a warning in May after learning consumers shopping on the Internet had bought fake versions of generic Adderall, a popular medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

No deaths or serious injuries have been linked to those fakes, but Hamburg notes that when drugs don't help patients get better, doctors usually blame the disease or assume a different medicine is needed. That means most fakes aren't detected.

So the FDA, which has put increasing focus on the counterfeiting problem, on Friday launched a website, , that shows consumers how to determine if an online pharmacy is safe.

"Buying prescription medicine from a fake online pharmacy can be dangerous, or even deadly," the site warns.

It includes tips on how to spot illegal pharmacies, links to state databases of licensed pharmacies and explanations of all the dangers of rogue pharmacies. Besides likely getting fake drugs, that includes the risk that they will infect your computer with viruses, sell your personal and financial information to other rogue websites and Internet scammers, or charge you for products you never ordered or received.

Many rogue pharmacies claim to be in Canada ? because Americans know medicines are cheaper there and assume that's why they're getting a deal. Many fraudulent sites even put the word Canada in their name, or display the Canadian flag prominently on the site. Their web storefronts are slick and look professional. And they all offer prices that are unbelievably low.

"If the low prices seem too good to be true, they probably are,' Hamburg said.

The FDA is collaborating with several other federal agencies and departments and even Interpol in the campaign, Hamburg said, and it has asked medical and pharmaceutical industry groups to join in.

It's also reaching out to doctors, pharmacists and medical facilities to spread the word. They'll get access to materials they can download, from patient fact sheets and discussion guides to sample blog items and web banners for a practice's own website. There's also a list of tips to help doctors determine if a patient may be buying medicine online.

The agency will do a follow-up survey to see if the campaign's message is reaching the public.

"What's truly important to us is that consumers know how to look for an online pharmacy that's legitimate and safe," Hamburg said.


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Warning signs seen before actor's violent end

LOS ANGELES (AP) ? An attorney said Friday he believes a drug-induced psychosis was responsible for an outburst by an actor that police say ended in the slaying of his landlady before the former "Sons of Anarchy" cast member plunged to his death.

Johnny Lewis, 28, had been arrested three times during the past year and officials were concerned about his mental health and the danger he posed to others. His lawyer Jonathan Mandel, who represented Lewis in the criminal cases, said drugs may have been a factor in the actor's final hours.

"He probably had gotten into marijuana or some medication and that caused him to snap," Mandel said. "If you take certain drugs it triggers that psychosis. A lot of people don't come back."

Authorities said they were still searching for a motive behind the strangulation death of 81-year-old Catherine Davis.

Authorities found Davis and Lewis dead Wednesday after neighbors reported a woman screaming inside her home that had been ransacked, and where glass was shattered and a dead cat was found. Neighbors said a man jumped a fence and attacked a painter and homeowner next door.

Investigators are awaiting toxicology tests for Lewis to determine whether he had drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death.

"(Lewis) being under the influence is something we are looking at based on his behavior and based on what people have told us about his past," said police Cmdr. Andrew Smith.

The body of Lewis, who played Kip "Half-Sack" Epps on the TV drama "Sons of Anarchy," was found in a driveway, and he could have jumped or fallen from the roof, garage or balcony, or tumbled down stairs from a patio area, Smith said. Police said Lewis is the only suspect in the death of Davis.

Probation officials earlier this year expressed concern about Lewis' mental health. The report was prepared in a case in which Lewis was accused of attempting to break into the home of a woman. That case came about six weeks after Lewis hit two men over the head with a Perrier bottle during a fight.

The probation official wrote of being "very concerned for the well-being of not only the community but that of the defendant."

The report added Lewis suffered from some form of chemical dependency and mental health issue, and was a transient.

"Given this, (Lewis) will continue to be a threat to any community he may reside," it said

Lewis was released from Los Angeles County Jail a week ago, according to court records. He had pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon and attempted burglary in separate cases, documents show.

Lewis was earning about $20,000 a year as an actor and he had been living with his parents when he was first arrested in January. Two probation reports note that Lewis was ordered to stay away from drugs.

Mandel, the attorney, said no drugs were involved in the prior assault and attempted burglary cases. While Mandel knew Lewis had recent, serious mental health issues, he was stunned to learn what had happened.

"I thought the worst that would happen to him would be something dumb like walking on someone's property," Mandel said. "What is alleged of him is so out of the ordinary for him. No one could have envisioned that."

Lewis had been a Scientologist but dropped out in his early 20s, Mandel said. The move could have caused some friction between Lewis and some of his family, who also were Scientologists, although they had been trying to help him out with his troubled, Mandel said.

Mandel said he recommended treatment for Lewis but he declined it.

"I don't think he acknowledged he struggled with drugs," he said. "He felt that he was fine. I know he self-treated, but I don't know if he was an addict. It's certainly a possibility."

Lewis' career spanned more than a decade, mainly in small roles. Among his credits were "AVPR: Aliens vs Predator ? Requiem," two seasons on TV's "The O.C." and "Malcolm in the Middle." He was on "Sons of Anarchy" in 2008 and 2009 before his character was killed off.


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Friday, September 28, 2012

SC opinion on Presidential Reference on 2G verdict | APN News

Auctions are not the only permissible method for disposal of natural resources across sectors, the Supreme Court said holding that the 2G verdict was confined to allocation of spectrum and is not applicable to other resources.

Giving its opinion on the Presidential reference arising out of 2G verdict, a five-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia also ruled that common good is the touchstone for any policy and if it meets that then any means adopted is in accordance with the constitutional principles.

Auction despite being a more ?preferable method? of allotment of natural resources cannot be held to be a constitutional mandate, observed the bench also comprising justices D K Jain, J S Khehar, Dipak Misra and Ranjan Gogoi.

?In our opinion, auction despite being a more preferable method of alienation/allotment of natural resources, cannot be held to be a constitutional requirement or limitation for alienation of all natural resources and therefore, every method other than auction cannot be struck down as ultra-vires the constitutional mandate,? the bench said.

The bench said that auctions may be the best way of maximizing revenue but revenue maximisation may not always be the ultimate motive of the policy and natural resources can be allocated to private companies by other methods for the purpose to subserve public good.

?Common good is the sole guiding factor under Article 39(b) for distribution of natural resources. It is the touchstone of testing whether any policy subserves the common good and if it does, irrespective of the means adopted, it is clearly in accordance with the principle enshrined in the Article,? the bench said.

The apex court referred to various judgements delivered by it earlier while upholding government?s decision to allocate natural resources through means other than auction.

?It is manifest that there is no constitutional mandate in favour of auction under Article 14. The Government has repeatedly deviated from the course of auction and this Court has repeatedly upheld such actions,? the bench said.

It said ?whenever the object of policy is anything but revenue maximization, the Executive is seen to adopt methods other than auction?.

Justice Khehar, who wrote a separate but concurring judgement, said that natural resource should not be dissipated as a matter of charity, donation or endowment, for private exploitation.

?No part of the natural resource can be dissipated as a matter of largess, charity, donation or endowment, for private exploitation.

Each bit of natural resource expended must bring back a reciprocal consideration.

The consideration may be in the nature of earning revenue or may be to best subserve the common good. It may well be the amalgam of the two.

?There cannot be a dissipation of material resources free of cost or at a consideration lower than their actual worth. One set of citizens cannot prosper at the cost of another set of citizens, for that would not be fair or reasonable,? Justice Khehar said.

The court disagreed with the contention that auction should be the only means of allocation as other methods can be abused by the private companies in connivance with government authorities as happened in 2G case.

?It may be said that even auction has a potential of abuse, like any other method of allocation, but that cannot be the basis of declaring it as an unconstitutional methodology either. These drawbacks include cauterisation, winners curse etc?.

?However, all the same, auction cannot be called ultra vires for the said reasons and continues to be an attractive and preferred means of disposal of natural resources especially when revenue maximisation is a priority?.

?Therefore, neither auction, nor any other method of disposal can be held ultra vires the Constitution, merely because of a potential abuse,? the bench said.

The court said that revenue maximisation cannot always be the primary consideration while allocating resources to private companies and assume secondary consideration when the development is the main consideration.

?Revenue maximization is not the only way in which the common good can be subserved. Where revenue maximization is the object of a policy, being considered qua that resource at that point of time to be the best way to subserve the common good, auction would be one of the preferable methods, though not the only method?.

?Where revenue maximization is not the object of a policy of distribution, the question of auction would not arise. Revenue considerations may assume secondary consideration to developmental considerations,? the bench said.

It said that the suggestion that disposal of a natural resource for commercial use must be for revenue maximization is based ?neither on law nor on logic?.

?Economic logic establishes that alienation/allocation of natural resources to the highest bidder may not necessarily be the only way to subserve the common good, and at times, may run counter to public good?.

?Hence, it needs little emphasis that disposal of all natural resources through auctions is clearly not a constitutional mandate,? the 208-page opinion given by the apex court said.

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